New Group Floods The Market, Buying Guns At Record Pace

Thanks to strict lockdowns and unending riots, Americans are beginning to realize they need to protect their liberty. Some Americans, for the first time, are discovering why their Constitutional rights are so important. Especially their Second Amendment rights. Americans are buying up guns and ammo, as this one group begins to embrace gun ownership in record numbers.

If this year has taught us one thing, it’s this: we cannot rely on the government to take care of us. When a new virus hit our shores, what did the government do? Locked down our states so millions were put out of work. Good job, you guys! Some states even let prisoners free as they arrested barbershop owners.

Americans started to wake up to the fact that their government leaders should not be trusted with that much power. Fears related to the COVID panic inspired many to buy a firearm for the first time. But that was nothing compared to what happened this Summer.

As riots swept across major cities, Democrats did the unthinkable by promising to defund the police. At the very moment cops were needed, idiot liberals wanted them gone. Millions of Americans were faced with the very real prospect that if they are in danger, there won’t be anyone to come help them.

Now, a new trend is exploding, as first-time gun buyers are grabbing up arms and ammo.

Gun ownership is surging among black Americans as stores across the country report that the run on guns and ammunition is continuing…

National African American Gun Owners’ Association (NAAGA) president Philip Smith has seen as many as 2,000 new members a day since coronavirus warnings and shutdowns began impacting the country earlier this year. That rush in membership only continued following the May 25, 2020, death of George Floyd…

Morgan said, “A lot of people are reaching out to us, mainly new gun owners and people who wouldn’t have considered owning a gun or firearm for their protection, have been lining up to purchase firearms and access information from our website.” [Source: Breitbart]

According to Morgan, black Americans are starting to reject the notion that they need to depend on the government to save them. “We’re gonna save ourselves,” he said, referring to gun ownership for personal defense.

But if this is happening in the area of gun ownership, it will happen in every other area as well. If black Americans are learning they can’t trust the government to keep them safe, why will they trust the government (namely, Democrats) to provide government assistance, housing, and their children’s education?

This new trend is waking up black Americans (and others) to the fact that trusting in the government is a bad idea. These are the same people who denied us our basic rights during the pandemic and now want to get rid of cops. The same people who demand black Americans vote for them—for what?—food stamps and government welfare?

The current surge of gun purchases is being driven by worries that Democrats will in fact so defund police, that they will be useless to stop crime. That means Americans are own their own. So, why shouldn’t they own a firearm to defend themselves?

As dreary as that seems, it is a good thing. Perhaps these new gun owners will begin to embrace lawmakers that want to protect their gun rights—and reject lawmakers that seek to make us weaker and fragile.

Perhaps this new trend will alert black and other minorities to the scheme the Democrats have been pulling for years? The cats already out of the bag, after all.

It’s only a matter of time before we see the trend move to the ballot box.

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