New Documents Reveal Mastermind Behind Flynn Scheme

Newly-released documents are revealing just how far the scheme against Michael Flynn was. The DOJ was monitoring his phone calls without his knowledge. They set up the man, accused him of lying, all to coerce him to turn on President Trump. Now we have learned a shocking fact that takes this scheme all the way to the top. Turns out, Obama himself knew about the plan.

The scheme hatched by the deep state to take down President Trump is long and tangled. But it boils down to this: Democrats in the DOJ used Hillary Clinton’s phony dossier as the basis for accusing Trump of colluding with Russia. The problem? There was no real evidence that Trump did anything wrong.

But that’s okay! Because career politicians and investigators know all about how to make it look like someone is guilty. If they could entrap Trump’s allies, it would give the media an excuse to spread rumor and controversy. That would be enough for Democrats in Congress to attack.

Sounds flimsy? They tried to do it to Trump twice (Russian hoax and the Ukrainian call).

What we’ve wondered for a long time, though, was how could these DOJ hacks do all this, without knowledge of then-President Obama? Obviously, they answered to him. Did he know what was going on?

We don’t know all the details, but we do now know one thing: Obama was in on the wiretapping that started the scheme against Flynn.

President Obama was aware of the details of then-incoming national security adviser Michael Flynn’s intercepted December 2016 phone calls with then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, apparently surprising then-Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, according to documents released Thursday as exhibits to the government’s motion to dismiss the Flynn case.

Obama’s unexpectedly intimate knowledge of the details of Flynn’s calls, which the FBI said at the time were not criminal in nature, raised eyebrows because of his own history with Flynn — and because top FBI officials secretly discussed whether their goal was to “get [Flynn] fired” when they interviewed him in the White House on January 24, 2017. [Source: Fox News]

This is so troubling, because we know Obama did not like Flynn. He appeared to be one of the few Obama officials that actually called out the administration on its crap. Obama himself discouraged Trump from hiring Flynn—which further implicates Obama’s bias against the man.

So, we have a president who was in on a wiretapping scheme against a man he did not like. Conflict of interest, much? We know the DOJ was looking for an excuse to go after Flynn. They cooked up charges based on the “Logan Act,” an obscure law that had never been used successfully in a criminal case. But Obama’s DOJ agents used this 1799 law to pinch Flynn.

We have to ask, was Obama behind all this from the start? We now have clear evidence he knew about the DOJ’S wiretapping of Flynn. That in and of itself was wrong. You can’t violate the rights of an American citizen without probable cause. What was the probable cause for spying on Flynn’s phone calls?

And if Obama was in on that—what else was he in on? Flynn was clearly used as a pawn by the deep state to go after Trump. He was one of several Trump staffers attacked by the FBI and later Mueller’s team in their efforts to condemn the president. Was this all started by Obama himself? Did the scheme to use Hillary’s dossier originate in the Oval Office?

If so, this is a bombshell to end all bombshells. We had an outgoing president possibly hatch an (illegal) scheme to undermine an incoming president. What the DOJ did is becoming more and more shady. Many have suggested they broke the law. If it turns out that Obama himself was behind all this… it’s not going to be pretty.

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