Netflix Bankrupts Itself By Going ‘Woke’

In states across America, we are watching an exodus unfold. It has been going on for years now, but has accelerated since 2020. Americans, sick and tired of the abusive leadership of blue states are fleeing to greener pastures in red states.

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the “woke” leaders in places like California, New York, Washington, and Oregon have taken their leftist agenda too far. Residents don’t even know what country they are in anymore, when there are more rainbow flags than American flags.

You can only push patriotic folks so far, before they get up and leave. And this kind of exodus is not just happening across many liberal states. There is another exodus taking place in the digital landscape. And it is hitting the world’s biggest streaming service. Why? Because they woke too!

Netflix is down nearly half a million subscribers in North America this quarter, leading to a stock drop of nearly 5% on Wednesday — the company’s biggest slide since its last poor earnings report in April…

In a shareholder letter, Netflix executives blamed their failure to meet projections this quarter on “unusual choppiness in our growth” and cited the pandemic…

“They’ve gone woke,” said [Todd] Starnes in an op-ed, pointing out the deal the company struck with Barack and Michelle Obama to create politically themed films and series, which he classified as “propaganda disguised as entertainment.” [Source: Daily Wire]

The pandemic? Give me a break. Nobody thought in a million years that streaming mega-giant Netflix would lose 500,000 users and see their stock drop. Something like the pandemic—which forced people into their homes for months—hurt a streaming service?

Want to know the real reason? Users are getting sick and tired of the garbage content Netflix is offering up. The biggest shows and movies on the platform all have leftist messaging. Even food shows and magic specials have to throw some ‘woke’ nonsense into them. Perhaps that has something to do with Barack and Michelle Obama working for the company?

And in recent years, major Hollywood studios have opened up their own competitive services. Some of them are offering classic shows Netflix had dumped. Why should users stick around to watch dark crap like The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix when they can binge Friends or The Office somewhere else?

Netflix is trying to cover for its failures. The biggest and most iconic streaming service shouldn’t be losing customers at a time like now. They should be smart enough to hold onto users and convince them to ignore the likes of Disney+ and HBO Max. Instead, Netflix is rapidly dwindling—and it’s entirely their doing.

This is what happens what a company trades pleasing customers for pushing a political agenda. Netflix foolishly thought they could shove liberal ideas down viewers’ throats and they’d never notice. But they did. And as streaming prices rose, users said “Bye, bye.”

Netflix’s solution? Changing their content to win back users? Nope! They are getting into—get this—video games! Good luck with that, Netflix. Perhaps you’ll see the light before it’s too late.

Author: Jones Smithe