‘Needle Nazi’ Biden Confused About Why No One Will Listen To Him

Wow. Just…wow.

This is the man that’s been hired to inspire and unite the country?

Joe Biden’s speech on Thursday may quite possibly be his most bizarre yet. The cognitively deficient “president” rambled, stuttered, lied, deceived the American people all in one public appearance.

Overall, he seemed confused and unable to convey a coherent thought or emotion besides frustration at those who remain defiant against mandated vaccines and forced medical testing.

In an attempt to promote his vaccine mandate for small-to-medium sized businesses, Joe Biden expressed his frustration at Americans who believe this policy is violation of personal freedom.

“I’ve tried everything in my power to get people vaccinated,” Biden said in utter frustration.

He hinted that many on his team suggested implementing vaccine mandates immediately upon entering office, but being the magnanimous politician he is, he decided to wait.

Biden spoke about vaccine mandates at an event in Illinois where state and local officials are more strict than other midwestern states about requiring vaccines.

“Look, I know vaccination requirements are tough medicine, unpopular for some, politics for others, but they’re lifesaving, they’re game-changing for our country,” he said.

Little does Biden understand, the majority of the backlash comes from people who refuse forced medical treatment regardless of what it is. The argument is not centered around the safety or efficacy of the vaccine, rather the concern over getting forced to take it.

The president announced his decision to enact more vaccine mandates in September, but the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has not released the final text of the rule.

He claimed vaccine mandates for employment are “nothing new,” citing vaccine requirements for polio, measles, mumps, and rubella in certain fields.

Biden dismissed the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have lost their jobs for refusing to abide by his mandates. He urged Americans to instead look at the “bigger story,” referring to a sudden increase in vaccination rates.

No shit, Joe. When the government forces its population into compliance with threats of losing their entire livelihoods, then what do you expect?

Then, the fun began.

Some clever speech writer decided to troll Joe Biden apparently by including common French words in his speech knowing full-well the English language is already difficult enough for him.

The mentally decrepit president went on to admit: “I just don’t get it” why people having such strong feelings against vaccine mandates.

Biden argued that vaccine mandates were actually broadly popular with Americans and effective, as people reluctant to get the coronavirus vaccine chose to get vaccinated rather than lose their jobs.

At this point Biden blurts out an obvious factoid that is often censored by Big Tech and Mainstream Media to justify furthering pandemic restrictions and lockdown measures.

Biden admitted that it’s nearly impossible for vaccination individuals to contract or spread the virus, yet many on his medical team in the CDC and NIH continue to issue edicts forcing businesses to require masking for the vaccinated, and other ridiculous measures.

Lowering his voice to a whisper, Biden creepily repeated a giant lie he loves to bring out when justifying his mandate. He claimed that Fox News (FOX NEWS!) requires vaccinations for all of their employees.


Joe Biden is a joke; a fraud; a charlatan; a clown.

He doesn’t belong anywhere near the White House or D.C. in general. His handlers need to immediately send him back to the basement in Delaware where he can retire in peace and not bother the rest of us who simply wish to make a living unabated by government overreach.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth