Mueller Takes the Stand–Lets Down Democrats in Brutal Fashion

Image Source: The Bearded Patriot

The left-wing media hyped up the Mueller hearings to no end. If you believed them, this would be the final testimony to end the Trump administration (like so many other events were supposed to be). Democrats were expecting the former Special Counsel to drop a bombshell that would give them an excuse to impeach the president. Instead, the Democrats faced yet another day of nationwide humiliation.

When Mueller concluded his 2+ year investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 Election, he released a report with his team’s findings. The report clearly and forever killed the left-wing accusation that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to steal our election. In fact, the report stated that no American worked with Russia. A major attack against the president was dashed to pieces.

But don’t worry! The pathetic Democrats still have an ace up their sleeve. Because the report didn’t completely state that Trump didn’t try to obstruct justice. What? If Trump didn’t collude with Russia, he had no reason to obstruct Comey’s or Mueller’s investigations. Anyone who went to grade school could see that.

Yet the desperate Democrats need some reason to impeach Trump. We all know impeachment is their only chance at winning 2020 (just look at their candidates!). So, they subpoenaed Mueller, hoping he would testify—before the entire country—that Trump obstructed justice and should be impeached.

Um… it didn’t work out that way. Mueller appeared confused, incoherent, and even ignorant of his own report. He didn’t provide anything knew about his investigation. In fact, his bizarre testimony only cast doubts on the legitimacy of his probe. The Democrats were completely humiliated, once again.

Democrats are reeling after a horrendous day for their party on Capitol Hill with former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony unraveling their case against President Donald Trump, all while Republicans seek to capitalize on the serious missteps by a group of committee leaders and Democrat leadership in the House…

Pelosi in her press conference even admitted in her opening statement that Americans learned nothing new from Mueller’s testimony–only what was in the report already…

While they put on a brave face publicly, privately Democrats were griping about what happened.

“It was a very bad day for us,” one House Democrat aide told Breitbart News.

“Horrendous,” another said, adding: “We did not win this round. We are losing badly.”

Two other Democrats, in conversations with Breitbart News, described the hearings as a “dud,” and noted that Wednesday was “not a good day for Democrats.” [Source: Breitbart]

Mueller providing nothing the Democrats needed to take down the president. They were hoping this man would come out, guns a’blazing, with never-before-heard evidence of Trump’s corruption. Instead, Mueller couldn’t even remember the details of his own report. Some even began to doubt if he was really in charge of the investigation.

Republicans tore into Democrats after the day’s hearings. They further humiliated the left over their constant obsession with an investigation that has proved nothing. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy roasted the Democrat majority in the House. They’ve been in power for almost a year and they’ve yet to accomplish anything to help Americans.

“The Democrats are more focused on bringing down the president than they are on building up America. We’ve gone roughly 200 days in this new Democrat socialist majority. Name me one thing they have solved.” [Source: Breitbart]

Democrats are only concerned with undermining President Trump’s agenda, when they’re not looking for ways to impeach him. Meanwhile, Trump and his supporters in D.C. have done the impossible to help Americans.

He’s slashed regulation, cut taxes, and brought back jobs. Unemployment has reached record lows and wages are rising. More jobs are coming back to this country as the man who wrote the book on deal-making continues to put Americans first.

Democrats, on the other hand, point fingers, accuse others of racism, and protecting people who hate our country.

Gee, I wouldn’t want to be a liberal right about now!

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