Most Voters Have No Hope For Biden

Joe Biden has not faired well since taking office. The superstructure of handlers and staffers built around him is crashing and America is finally waking up to his radical agenda. A new Rasmussen poll  proves just that. 

A recent poll suggest that half of America (50%) is “not at all confident” that Joe Biden is mentally or physically capable of handing the job as President of the United States.” Meanwhile, 48% of Americans are “confident” or “somewhat” confident in his abilities. 

The Rasmussen poll was conducted for three days earlier this month. It was scheduled for release just as Biden committed his latest blunder – forgetting the name of his own Secretary of Defense. Not only did Biden stumble through Lloyd Austin’s name, but he also couldn’t remember where he worked – The Pentagon. The popularity of that video clip online would have surely swayed some poll participants. 

Joe Biden only garnered 34% of voters who consider themselves “very confident” in his ability to lead. 

More than half of the country (52%) say they’re “very concerned” that Biden has yet to hold a solo press conference. There hasn’t been a contemporary President that’s gone this long with out addresses reporters head on. 

Reelection isn’t looking too good for Biden either. Only 34% of voters believe he’s even capable of winning in 2024 and 30% expect that he will resign before then. Most voters have abandoned the idea that Biden is a “moderate” and instead view his agenda as that of the current Democrat Party. 

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