More Than 200 Congressman Take on Abortion in Powerful Letter to Supreme Court

Last year, Louisiana passed one of the nation’s strictest pro-life laws. Quickly, far-left abortion-lovers challenged it, bring the case all the way to the Supreme Court. The highest court will soon hear the case. Their decision will impact abortion across the country. And over 200 congressmen sent a letter to the court, urging them to do one thing.

Since Donald Trump became president, we’ve seen a resurgence of conservative values across America. With a strong pro-life advocate in the White House, states have been empowered to push back against the evil practice of abortion.

Several states have passed strong, pro-life legislation that limits how many abortions can occur each year. In Louisiana, they passed a law that required doctor credentialing for anyone that performs abortions in the states. This means that abortion clinics have to use real doctors to perform abortions, something, apparently, they weren’t doing before.

Pro-choice advocates attacked the law, fearful that the number of abortions in Louisiana would drop. I guess they really love aborting babies, huh? The case made its way through the courts, reaching all the way to the Supreme Court.

But here is something abortion-lovers did not expect. As the case was submitted to the conservative-controlled SCOTUS, over 200 congressmen submitted a letter. In this letter, they urged the court to reconsider… not this Louisiana law, but the very ruling that made abortion legal in the first place!

Looks like abortion-lovers just shot themselves in the foot.

More than 200 members of Congress urged the Supreme Court to reconsider Roe v. Wade on Thursday, ahead of a March case concerning the constitutionality of a Louisiana regulation on abortion providers.

The lawmakers, who include 39 senators and 168 members of the House of Representatives, filed a legal brief arguing abortion case law is haphazard and inconsistent, such that reconsideration of Roe is in order.

“Forty-six years after Roe was decided, it remains a radically unsettled precedent: two of the seven Justices who originally joined the majority subsequently repudiated it in whole or in part, and virtually every abortion decision since has been closely divided,” the brief reads. [Source: Daily Wire]

A group of both Republican and Democrat lawmakers urged the Supreme Court to reconsider Roe v. Wade. Meaning, they want the court to rule on, not just this Louisiana law, but the very case that made abortion legal in the United States. This could mean that Trump’s Supreme Court might soon outlaw the barbaric and evil practice once and for all.

Their argument rests in the fact that all these years since Roe, abortion is still a “radically unsettled precedent.” Courts can’t properly decide how to handle abortion cases. They have frequently overturned past rulings—some for abortion some against. They argue that because abortion is such a divided issue, we can’t simply embrace it as a country.

These congressmen make the case that because Roe v. Wade did not settle the abortion issue adequately, a new ruling is in order. This means that the current Supreme Court, with Trump’s conservative majority, might end the practice.

Or, at the very least, their decision might send the issue of abortion to the states. They might rule that individual states can decide the fate of abortion for their own residents. This would be a huge victory for pro-life advocates, as numerous state and local governments would outlaw the practice for good.

In my opinion, most states would outlaw abortion, given how most Americans hate the practice. Only a few, far-left states would pass laws enforcing it, like New York in California. This would have dramatic repercussions on our country, for the better.

It all depends on how the Supreme Court rules. The case will be brought to the court in March. You can imagine liberal justices like RBG will dismiss this letter out of hand. But conservative lions like Clarence Thomas, might have a different take.

Could we see Roe v. Wade eliminated in 2020? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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