More Impeaching Hearings Begin–As White House Makes Major Announcement

The American people had to endure two months of impeachment nonsense from Democrats. Republicans forced the left to end their secretive hearings and hold public ones. It became abundantly clear that the Democrats have no case against the president. Yet they continue to hold meetings, hoping to drum up enough support for impeaching the president. But even as they waste their time, Trump is winning overseas.

The impeachment hoax is just the latest in a long line of attempts to take out Trump. Democrats still can’t get over the 2016 Election. And they really can’t stand how successful Trump has been as president. Looking at their 2020 “contenders” they know what we also know: that not one Democrat running for office has what it takes to defeat Trump.

That’s what this impeachment sham is all about, helping Democrats win 2020. They are abusing their power in the House to give themselves a win. And they accuse Trump of trying to interfere in the election?

We had to sit through two months of fake news, bogus leaks, and meaningless accusations. Democrats like Adam Schiff distorted the facts to make Trump’s call with Ukraine appear like an impeachable offense. But not one “witness” has been able to prove that Trump did anything wrong during the call. Not a shred of hard evidence proves the left’s claim that Trump offered a quid-pro-quo.

Yet today, we have to put up with another hearing—one held by the House Judiciary Committee. Nadler is bringing in—again not real witnesses—but law professors. Just to get their opinion on impeachment. Yeah, because that’s how our justice system works. We get a bunch of people with no connection to the case to tell us what to think!

If you didn’t think this was a sham before, now you do!

What is the president doing in all this? He’s in London, winning for America. In fact, he’s been able to end decades-long norms to finally make our NATO “allies” pay their fair share.

Thanks to @realDonaldTrump’s efforts with #NATO:

*$130B in new defense spending

*the biggest increase in a generation

*9 NATO allies are fulfilling their spending commitment, up from 4 in 2017

POTUS is getting results on the world stage! [Source: Twitter]

President Trump has secured new funding from our NATO allies, the first time some of them have even chipped in.

It’s no secret that NATO member nations have sat back and forced the United States to cover their bills. We’ve been contributing the lion’s share of defense spending for European nations. Some have even said this is the sole reason these countries can offer government healthcare—because we’re paying for their military!

Donald Trump has long been a critic of NATO spending. Why should the United States be burdened with protecting these countries, when they won’t lift a finger to defend their own people? As usual, critics of Trump attacked his statements. But look what’s happening now.

NATO nations have finally pledged to pay $130 billion in defense spending. That, according to GOP’s Ronna McDaniel, the largest increase in a generation. Nine NATO allies are going to fulfill their commitment, up from four in 2017.

Funny how these countries were all too happy to take advantage of the United States, when Obama was president. But today, they suddenly are actually making good on their agreements. Because Donald Trump is in the White House.

Just like in regular life, world leaders can say anything—it doesn’t obligate them to actually do it. Only Donald Trump has gotten these countries to actually make good on their commitments. If they don’t… well, let’s just say Trump will make sure they regret it.

Even as Democrats waste time and tax dollars trying to impeach him, President Trump is working to help our country. He’s getting our allies to actually do what they promised. And that will continue to have results in the coming years.

It seems crazy to want to impeach a man like this. Oh wait, we’re talking about Democrats…

Crazy is their middle name.

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