More Counties Join The Battle Against Extended Lockdown

As many states move to reopen their economies, California’s governor has doubled down on lockdown measures. This has led to an outbreak of protests, with some local restaurants defying the orders. Now, a growing number of counties are rebelling against Newsom’s demands in a trend that will sweep over blue states.

We’ve gone over it again and again, but it bears repeating. Evidence is emerging that the lockdowns did nothing to “slow the spread” of the virus. The flattened curve everyone is talking about is the result of the virus simply making its way through the population. Many believe the shutdowns made the problem worse as it prevented healthy Americans from developing an immunity.

Regardless of what you believe, it’s clear the lockdowns have devastated local economies. Not to mention how they’ve upended countless lives. Long past is the time for us to debate their merit. We need to reopen.

Some states are wisely rolling out plans to end these un-Constitution lockdowns, allowing Americans to go back to work. States like Georgia, Florida, and Texas have already instituted these plans. But in the People’s Communist Republic of California, there appears to be no light at the end of the tunnel. The state refuses to reopen beaches, parks, or businesses. Many residents have had enough.

Now, a growing number of counties are going rogue.

As unrest continues to mount over stay-at-home orders amid the coronavirus pandemic, some counties and towns are taking matters into their own hands by bucking their governors’ edicts and reopening segments of their economies.

In California, where Gov. Gavin Newsom has faced protests from Huntington Beach to Sacramento over his statewide restrictions on nonessential businesses and outdoor activities, three counties in the northern part of the state are defying the orders and opening up.

Modoc County – a rural, conservative area near California’s border with Oregon – was the first to defy Newsom’s restrictions by announcing that it would allow bars, restaurants and churches to reopen last Friday…

Two other counties – Yuba and Sutter – followed Modoc’s lead and announced Friday that they would begin reopening certain businesses on Monday. [Source: Fox News]

This pandemic is going to test the strength of state and local authority. We all, like mindless sheep, obeyed the bogus stay-at-home orders. But what could local powers really do to enforce their demands? They can’t arrest Americans for leaving their homes—after all, they let out prisoners. Where would they keep all of us?

Gov. Newsom can’t very well send in police officers to confront these counties. He can’t arrest thousands of American citizens for going out for a burger or getting a haircut. On top of that, it’s un-Constitutional for police to arrest peaceful protestors. Newsom doesn’t really have the ability to enforce his edict. So, does he really have any power to stop them?

Many worried about how governors were abusing their power during this crisis. We watched mayors and state leaders attack churches and synagogues. But the fact remains, they only had the power to do this, because we let them. If Americans just started going back to work, how could these dictators stop them—short of sending in the military?

The truth is, this issue will have to be settled in the courts. Judges, perhaps the Supreme Court itself, will have to decide if states can really deny Americans basic rights like working or visiting family and friends. Only the judicial branch can set limits on what state and local leaders can do in a time of crisis.

And chances are, they will rule on the side of liberty.

But continued signs of unrest and civil disobedience will continue, no matter what. Americans are more and more convinced that they can both protect themselves from a disease, while going about their lives. Hell, we’ve been doing it every day for years before this COVID-19 thing. Why should now—facing a flu-like disease—be any different?

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