Monumental Breakthrough Changes Course Of Middle East Violence

The seemingly never-ending violence plaguing the Gaza Strip will come to a resolute stop as of 2 a.m. Friday morning.

Israel and Hamas agreed to a cease fire across the region, according to an Hamas official. The tenuous military action reached a tipping point this week so any move to resolve the conflict will benefit civilians. Conflict between the two factions in the Gaza Strip has been on-going for over a decade.

Head of Israel’s security cabinet revealed they had voted unanimously in support of a ceasefire, saying the Gaza truce was “mutual and unconditional.” The terms were negotiated by a mediator in Egypt with both parties represented equally.

The change of course comes after Joe Biden demanded Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to deescalate military violence in the Gaza Strip. The U.S. president, however, never once mentioned the terrorist violence coming from Palestine. Nonetheless, and despite Biden’s demands, the U.S. recently made a massive sale of precision missiles to Israel for nearly one billion dollars.

Other nations in the region, along with the United Nations, have urged the rivaling factions to seek mediation as well.

A Hamas official told a reporter the ceasefire would be “mutual and simultaneous.”

Hamas and their Islamic allies briefly paused their rocket attacks on Israel, but resumed after only eight hours. On Thursday, Israel committed to defending itself against the attacks, saying they are seeking to destroy terrorist factions with “military capabilities in an effort to deter them from future use and future conflict.”

Health officials in Gaza claim 232 Palestinians, including 65 children and 39 women lost their lives since fighting began on May 10. Many more have since been wounded – approximately 2,000 civilians in the region. Israel revealed they were responsible for the deaths of at least 160 terrorist operatives.

Israeli authorities put the official death count at 12, while hundreds more have sustained tremendous injuries from Hamas rocket attacks. Terrorist military action has caused mass panic across the country. Many Israelis reveal they’ve spent nearly a week in their loccal bomb shelters.

Joe Biden discussed the Gaza conflict with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. Official White House readouts claim the news of the ceasefire was “encouraging” to the Biden administration.

Author: Asa McCue