Mitt Romney Votes Against Trump – President Hits Back in Brutal Fashion

Yesterday afternoon the Senate voted to acquit Donald Trump of the House’s bogus impeachment charges. Months of controversy, fake news, and chaos have finally been brought to an end. The good news is that the Republican Party banded together to clear Trump’s name. Except for Mitt Romney. Now, the Utah senator is in deep trouble.

Going into the Senate impeachment trial, there was plenty of speculation on how things would go. We knew Mitch McConnell wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible. The vast majority of Republicans in the Senate were ready to acquit Trump immediately. But there were a few Republicans who did not seem convinced.

Thankfully, two of these “swing” voters—Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins—did the right thing in the end. They condemned the botched and rushed House impeachment job and voted to acquit the president. However, senator from conservative state Utah, Mitt Romney, voted against the president on the first charge of abuse of power.

The good news is that his betrayal was not enough to condemn the president and the majority of the Senate cleared Trump’s name.

The Senate overwhelmingly acquitted President Trump on both articles of impeachment against him Wednesday afternoon following a brief trial, in a historic rejection of Democrats’ claims that the president’s Ukraine dealings and handling of congressional subpoenas merited his immediate removal from office. [Source: Fox News]

Many people are wondering why Mitt would turn against the party to convict Trump. Especially when he knew there wouldn’t be enough votes to remove him from office. Did he think this move would please folks back home? Hardly. Utah is a conservative state that Trump won in 2016. Voting against him now would not impress anyone.

The backlash from his decision came in fierce and fast. Perhaps the most intense came from the president himself, who quickly posted a new ad on his Twitter feed. The video exposed Mitt Romney as a “Democrat secret asset” going all the way back to the 2012 Election—suggesting he threw the race on purpose. The video continues to build that argument, by pointing to Romney’s vote to remove Trump from office.

The fallout only continued to mount from there. Turns out, the people back home are not pleased with Romney’s actions. And they are taking steps to punish him.

Calls exploded either to expel Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) from the Republican Party or recall him from the Senate immediately after he sided with the Democrats during the Senate’s vote to acquit President Donald Trump on Wednesday afternoon…

The Desert News reported on Wednesday afternoon that support for the [to expel Romney] exploded immediately following Romney’s defection from the party on the impeachment vote. [Source: Daily Wire]

Ouch. Conservatives, outraged at what Romney did, are demanding retribution. Some are calling for his removal from the Republican Party. Others believe he should be removed from the Senate entirely, his seat given to a real conservative.

Utah legislators have already been preparing a bill that would give residents the power to recall a senator. After Romney’s antics, support for the bill exploded.

How has Romney responded? He doesn’t even seem to care!

“I don’t know what might happen in the Utah Legislature. I will accept whatever consequence is sent my way and recognize that is part of the job. People don’t expect me to be a shrinking violet.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Sounds like he’s shrugging his shoulders and saying, “Oh well.” It doesn’t seem like he even cares what happens to him. Is it because he is a secret Democrat? You’d think an elected official would put the concerns of his people first. Not Mitt.

If he’s removed from the GOP (and keeps his seat), the party loses another seat in the Senate—moving closer to a Democrat majority.

Maybe this was his plan all along?

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