Mitt Romney Might Block Crucial Senate Probe — Protecting Worst Enemy

Republicans were shocked when Mitt Romney was the only member of the party to back impeachment. Many have questioned the senator’s loyalty. Some want him out of the party. Now, more questions will undoubtedly be raised, after people find out what he’s doing to protect the Democrats.

Conservatives were not pleased with Mitt Romney during the impeachment trial. Of all the senators in office, Mitt was the only Republican to break from the party. Every last House Republican voted against impeachment. In fact, a few Democrats refused to impeach Trump. In the Senate, even moderate Republicans like Susan Collins stood up to the Democrats and voted to acquit the president.

But not Mitt Romney. After a bogus speech on the Senate floor (to which nobody listened), he voted against Trump on the charge of “abuse of power.” No other senator broke from their party on the impeachment vote.

Americans were outraged over the “Republican’s” action. Some have called for him to leave the party. In his home state of Utah, voters were mulling the idea of recalling him from office.

After all, many Americans considered the impeachment to be a hoax cooked up by crooked Democrats. How could Romney back it?

It seems like there’s yet another reason for Republicans to disown Romney. He just might prevent them from getting to the bottom of Joe Biden’s corruption.

Sen. Mitt Romney… questioned the motivation behind a Republican effort to issue a subpoena related to Hunter Biden and his dealing with Ukraine…

Republicans are gearing up for a vote next week in the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee that would approve a subpoena aimed at gathering information related to a former Ukrainian diplomat with ties to the consulting firm Blue Star Strategies, Reuters reported. The allegation is that the company used Hunter Biden for access to the State Department. His father was vice president at the time…

Romney’s vote is pivotal. Republicans maintain an 8-to-6 majority in the committee, and if Romney sides with Democrats the result would be a 7-7 tie. [Source: Fox News]

Romney is attacking his own party, saying this investigation is politically motivated. As if the Democrats hadn’t wasted months of our time on a completely bogus, totally political impeachment of the president.

Apparently, Mitt didn’t see anything wrong with the left’s corrupt, pathetic, and wrong impeachment investigation against the president. But suddenly, Mitt is outraged that a party (his party) would lead an investigation against a political rival.

Hey, Mitt! There is ample evidence that Joe Biden and his son colluded with Ukraine. Millions of Americans are worried that Biden abused his power so his son could get rich. They fear he’d do that again as president. It’s your responsibility as a senator to get to the bottom of that.

Yet here you are, pretending like this isn’t a crucial issue to look into.

Romney claims an independent, non-political body should do the investigations. Um… and what body like that exists? Would he be fine with the DOJ doing the investigation, or will he bitch that its doing it under the leadership of Trump? Will Romney vote to appoint an independent investigator? Or will he kill off this subpoena request… then do nothing?

I think you know the answer to that.

Not long ago, Trump shared a video accusing Romney of being a secret Democrat agent. Hard to disagree when the man bends over backwards to help the Democrats. But he blocks his own party when they try to do their job.

Hey Utah! That recall motion is looking better and better!

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