‘Million Migrant’ Milestone Spell Trouble For America’s Future

What else can we say about Joe Biden’s border crisis that hasn’t already been said? Biden deliberately created a migrant crisis at the border—one which the MSM continues to ignore. As Washington twiddles its thumbs, hundreds of thousands of migrants have jumped our border.

Federal agencies are overwhelmed dealing with these illegal aliens. And Biden’s administration refuses to do what is necessary to get the situation under control. States like Texas and Arizona are struggling to keep border communities safe.

And if you think you’re safe because you live far away from the border, think again. Biden is flying hundreds of migrants to every state in the Union. All to fulfill his agenda of deluding voting demographics and eroding our economic stability and national identity.

(Hey, you have to create a socialist dictatorship, somehow!)

Now, Border Patrol reveals what we’ve all been expecting: illegal entries are soon to reach one million.

Official Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data is expected next week, but the Washington Examiner reports Thursday that the number of illegal alien apprehensions at the United States-Mexico border climbed again in June, bringing the U.S. close to one million illegal immigrant encounters since the beginning of 2021.

“Unofficial and preliminary calculations suggest that the number will be 188,000, said a knowledgeable source. At such a high level, it would show the flaw in the claims by the administration and the media that the Biden surge so far has been simply a seasonal trend that would stall in hot months,” the outlet noted…

If the numbers hold, as they are expected to, that means that CBP will have encountered nearly one million illegal immigrants in just six months — and because the Biden administration has shown no interest in changing immigration policies, could be on track to see one million more. [Source: Daily Wire]

We’ve reached nearly one million illegal aliens in just the first half of the year. There is nothing that will stop another million from coming by the end of 2021.

Does that sound sustainable to you? Can America handle 2 million strangers flooding its borders all at once?

Everything the administration has done to “fix” the situation has all been for show. Its empty gestures are meant to make it look like they are trying to deal with it. The truth is, Joe Biden has eroded our border security deliberately and is using the crisis to achieve his agenda.

If Biden really wanted to end this crisis, he could do so in a day. All he needs to do is restore strict border rules and deport those who enter illegally. Those two things would not only protect the country, but discourage more migrants from coming.

Nothing Biden and Harris has done has come close to fixing the problem. Because they don’t want to fix it. Democrats are desperate to expand their voting leads everywhere. They know they can’t rely on Americans anymore to vote for their radical, socialist agenda. So, they are importing an entirely new group of voters, so they can make sure they’ll win every election from now until the end of time.

Why else do you think they have weakened the border, while at the same time opposed voter integrity laws?

Come on, put two and two together!

Can America handle 2

Million illegal aliens, many of whom will be drug dealers, smugglers, and sex traffickers? You know the answer to that.

Author: Sam Graham