Military Mom Gives Biden An Earful Of The Truth

Tragedy has struck the U.S. after an ISIS-K suicide bomber successfully carried out an attack on soldiers near the Kabul airport.

The jihadists were permitted to pass Taliban security checkpoints following a Biden defense decision to hand over the task of protecting American military assets to the terrorist sympathizers.

The Taliban claim ISIS-K is their sworn enemy, but history shows that is simply not the case.

As a result, 13 servicemen were killed, many of whom were barely 20 years old.

Now the mother of one of the Marines who perished in the attack is speaking out, blaming “President” Joe Biden and those who voted for him for having “just killed my son.”

Kathy McCollum, the mother of Rylee McCollum, 20, who died in the Thursday bombing attack in the Afghanistan capital, told a conservative radio talk show host her son would still be alive if Former President Donald Trump was in office.

Listen to the emotional exchange below:

In the clip, the grieving mother lays blame at Biden’s feet for her son’s death — and rightfully so.

She calls out Biden and his Democrat cohorts for stealing the 2020 election from its rightful winner, Donald Trump, and as a result, according to the mother, “[they] killed [her] son.”

The mother informed the radio host that her son was awaiting his arrival back in the States to tend to his new wife and the upcoming birth of his son. The decisions Biden made have completely devastated the entire family. The utter trauma can be heard in the Kathy McCollum’s voice.

A vulnerable McCollum told listeners the loss of her son has caused an immense anger, causing her to seek blame for her son’s untimely death:

“So, instead of grieving and crying, I’m just getting mad,” she said.

The mother also said her boyfriend is an Army veteran who served in 801st, which is combat support hospital, and that he was part of the first group of soldiers in Iraq in 2003. She believes his presence in the war on terror is what helped her son make his decision to join the USMC.

She asserted he wouldn’t have died had Trump still been the commander-in-chief.

McCollum isn’t alone in her assessment as many across the country are blaming Biden and Biden alone for the harrowing series of events unfolding in Afghanistan today.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth