Military Diversity Chief Caught In Ridiculous ‘Trump’ Scandal

Well that didn’t last long!

Pentagon’s former “Diversity Chief” has already been “reassigned” after a series of incredibly non-diverse posts emerged from his social media accounts. The newest addition to the “Woke Army” had many alarming opinions he was not shy to admit, namely comparing then-President Trump to Adolf Hitler.

The U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) begun scouring the social media accounts of Richard Torres-Estrada, just moments after he was named head of Pentagon’s diversity and inclusion task force.

Estrada has since blocked his Facebook profile from public view, but it was still public in time for Tucker Carlson to expose the now-tossed “Diversity Chief.”

One social media post juxtaposed a picture of Trump holding a bible next to a photo of Adolf Hitler.

A spokesman hoped to quell the rumors by claiming Estrada was merely “reassigned to other duties” while the investigation unfolds.

John Kirby, Pentagon press secretary, confirmed the ongoing investigation into Estrada’s concerning social media posts.

Kirby revealed that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has thrown his support behind the investigation.

SOCOM had just announced Estrada’s appointment to Diversity and Inclusion Chief on Thursday. Less than a week later and he’s already been exposed as an Anti-Trump bigot.

Author: Yuri Turgenev

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