Migrant Caravan Of 2,000 People Was Heading For America, They Were All Just Detained In Mexico

It’s true that Mexico has done more to curb the flow of illegal immigration to the United States than Democrats have. That’s all due to President Trump putting pressure on Mexican officials.

Democrats welcome illegals because they know they will earn their votes. That’s the only reason.

They don’t want the undocumented in the states because they are compassionate people. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Check out what just happened in Southern Mexico…

From AP News:

TAPACHULA, Mexico (AP) — Mexican officials broke up a caravan of around 2,000 migrants that had set out from southern Mexico Saturday in the hopes of reaching the United States, amid increasing difficulty obtaining permission to pass through Mexico.

Many of the migrants who departed from Tapachula, Chiapas early in the morning had been held up in this city just north of Guatemala for weeks or months, awaiting residency or transit papers from Mexican authorities. The migrants are originally from Central America, Africa and the Caribbean.

They left their home countries sometimes because of violence, or simply in search of a better life.


“I want to pass through Mexico, I don’t want to live here,” said Amado Ramirez, a migrant from Honduras who said he had been living on the streets of Tapachula with his young children and wife, hoping for a transit visa from Mexican officials. “We’re at a standstill.”

Men carried large, sagging backpacks while women carried children on their shoulders and parcels on their heads.

The group trudged about 24 miles ( 40 kilometers) northwest along a highway under the supervision of human rights officials before federal police and national guardsmen blocked their path.

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Source: I Love My Freedom: Migrant Caravan Of 2,000 People Was Heading For America, They Were All Just Detained In Mexico

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