Mexican Police Step Up And Do Biden’s Job For Him

Again and again, we see Joe Biden’s last priority is the well-being of the American people. It seems like he’s much more concerned with foreign nations, rich globalists in China and Russia, and of course, the Taliban.

While promising to help the working class and poor, all we’ve seen from Biden so far have been policies that do the opposite. His spending plans only contribute to inflation and rising gas prices—two factors that hurt low-income Americans the most.

Perhaps worst of all is his policy on the border. It’s no secret that poor migrants who are allowed to enter the country take the jobs of working-class Americans. Millions of American jobs are in jeopardy. A good president would make sure American livelihoods are safe. But we don’t have a good president.

Ironically, the only group making sure Americans are secure right now is… Mexican law enforcement!?

A migrant caravan making its way from Mexico’s southern border to the United States was reportedly broken up by Mexican border agents and police in riot gear on Sunday morning…

“The group of about 800 – largely Central Americans, Haitians, Venezuelans and Cubans – had spent the night at a basketball court near Huixtla…”

Mexico’s National Guard and National Institute of Migration surrounded the group at about 5 a.m. local time on the edge of Huixtla…

It was at least the fourth such group forced to disperse by Mexican security forces in a week. [Source: Daily Wire]

It seems like Mexican authorities are stepping up efforts to break up migrant caravans trampling over their country towards the U.S. border. They are trying to keep them at their Southern border, so they can’t make it all the way North.

This is most likely due to the Supreme Court’s recent reinstatement of the “Remain in Mexico” policy. This rule requires migrants seeking asylum in the U.S. to wait in Mexico as their case moves through the courts. This means Mexico has a responsibility to detain these migrants. When Trump was president, they provided these migrants with jobs and housing.

It seems like Mexico does not want thousands of strangers flooding their country, taking jobs and resources from their own people. Funny how that is, huh? They are cracking down on caravans coming from South and Central American countries. Perhaps these raids are meant to discourage more people from rushing their border.

Reports suggest these raids have not been most humane. But had the policy been in effect over the year, Mexico could have refined and improved their actions to prevent chaos. As it stands, they are scrambling to protect their own country, as thousands more migrants try to enter.

The irony is how, right now, Mexico is doing more to stem the tide of migrants to our country than Biden. He has refused to lift a finger to address the crisis, since he created it back in January. Biden is totally blind and deaf to what is going on—and will most likely remain that way for as long as he’s in office.

Author: Thomas Anderson