Media Silent On Biden’s Colossal Meltdown At Economic Event

As President Trump spoke on rebuilding America in Dallas, Joe Biden made an appearance at an event in Philadelphia. The Democrat wanted to discuss his plan on reopening America after the lockdowns, even though that has been going on for months. As usual, Joe made no sense, stumbling over his words again and again. Then, he said something truly offensive.

There is a reason one of Biden’s top surrogates said he wanted Biden to stay in his basement. Even though Joe wants to become President of the United States, he can’t be trusted when he makes public appearances. Biden, a man known for making frequent gaffes, has gone off the rails in recent weeks. Democrats just don’t know what will come out of his mouth.

Usually, the gaffes reveal a man that has a hard time keeping his thoughts together. Many suspect the 77-year-old is too aged to be president or worse, has dementia. But much worse are his coherent comments that have offended large swaths of the American public.

And his meeting yesterday was no different.

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden struggled at times during an economic reopening event in Philadelphia on Thursday…

At a different point during the talk, Biden appeared to not know what ‘Juneteenth’ was when he made remarks attacking President Donald Trump…

Biden [also] said, “I think the federal government has abdicated any effective leadership role, the White House at least has abdicated that role you know, the rapidly rising, uh, um, uh, in with uh, with uh, I don’t know, uh his just inability to focus on any federal responsibility, him saying, I take no responsibility. It’s not my problem. I don’t have this responsibility.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Joe Biden called Juneteenth—the day the slaves were freed—“the first major massacre” on what he called “Black Wall Street.” What the heck?

He then had trouble finishing a thought were he accused Trump of not “focusing.” Ouch.

This the man Democrats think can do a better job than Trump? He can’t even finish reading something his handlers wrote out for him!

But things got much worse, as Joe Biden placed the death of George Floyd above the tragic assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

At one point during the lengthy discussion, Biden said that Floyd’s death was having a bigger impact than the assassination of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. [Source: Daily Wire]

Apparently, the accidental death of a man in police custody is more important than the murder of a universally-beloved Civil Rights leader because… wait for it… we have cellphones.

Yup, that’s what Joe Biden said. He claimed that more people know about George Floyd than Dr. King, who won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Do I really have to explain how insane that is? Dr. King was a pastor, a powerful orator, and a leader of millions. He stood for peaceful, non-violent protest (not rioting or looting cities). His “I Have a Dream” speech has been heard by generation after generation of—not only Americans—but people around the world.

How can anyone compare him to a man who had a criminal history and was high on drugs at the moment of his death?

But this is what Joe Biden thinks. Like most Democrats, he uses whatever prop he can find to push his agenda. I guess he considers Dr. King old news. The media loves Floyd now, so Joe is going to “milk” this story as much as he can to salvage his campaign.

It’s disgusting and insulting. Dr. King represented unity among all Americans—regardless of race. George Floyd’s death has been used by radical activists to drive Americans apart and sow chaos throughout our cities.

If that’s what Joe Biden think is “greater,” then he really is a fool.

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