Media Silent As Biden Piggy-Backs Off Trump’s Success

The liberal media is applauding Joe Biden after he recently announced an April vaccine goal. The president said he plans to move up the deadline for adult vaccine eligibility to April 19th — a goal endlessly criticized when then-President Trump made it.

In September of 2020, the height of the pandemic, The “Fake News” media ran a headline stating: “Trump Says, Without Evidence, “Every American Will Get a Coronavirus Vaccine By April.”

Other outlets published similar content deriding Trump’s ambitious goals to fully vaccine the adult population. However, no such criticisms have been launched at Biden’s unoriginal goal.

The story continued to falsely bash Trump’s efforts. It was reported that Trump contradicted the head of the CDC who said the public was unlikely to have vaccine access until the end of 2021. Trump corrected the CDC, saying they misspoke accidentally. The story portrayed the mistake as an example of the President’s “anti-science” pandemic approach.

Pfizer announced the success of its coronavirus vaccine the week after the election.

Biden has repeatedly made false claims that his administration “turned around” Trump’s vaccine distribution program. However, the logistical foundation was well in place and on its current trajectory when Biden assumed office – thanks to Operation Warp Speed.

Author: Gene Landis

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