Media Sides With Clinton – Dismisses Trump

Today, the media has all but decided Joe Biden won the election. There is plenty reason to believe the election is not over—and that lawsuits and battles are yet to be waged. But those that run the MSM appear to want to force their decision on the country and refuse to accept what’s really going on.

President Trump and others have claimed there are reports of election fraud. Numerous testimonials, videos, and other evidence has emerged to suggest election officials in various states either committed fraud or interfered in the ballot counting in some way.

But instead of taking these allegations with the severity that they hold, the media has tried to censor what the president has said. Social media sites have taken down groups that want to spread the information as well as outright block posts from Trump himself.

As it turns out, they weren’t so abusive when it was Clinton making these same claims.

In the days after that election, Clinton claimed that Russia had sought to infiltrate the U.S. election and had somehow affected the outcome by posting false stories on social media (Team Hillary never explained how those posts prompted millions of voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin — all of which she lost — to vote for Trump)…

But Clinton’s conspiracy theory grabbed hold in the mainstream media, which breathlessly reported that the election may have been “stolen.”

That didn’t work out well. Trump was investigated for 675 days by special counsel Robert Mueller and a team of 19 lawyers. Despite 2,800 subpoenas and 500 witness interviews, prosecutors found no evidence “that any U.S. person or Trump campaign official or associate” conspired or “knowingly coordinated” with Russians during the 2016 campaign. [Source: Just the News]

Trump’s campaign and legal team have already revealed information alleged voter fraud and ballot counting fraud. They will most likely take these claims to the Supreme Court. How the court will rule and what impact it will make on the election has yet to be seen.

But one thing we can safely conclude is that the media (yes, even Fox News) is trying to pressure Trump and conservatives to just give up. From Election Night until now, there has been ample reason to believe the fix was in. States suddenly stopped counting and resumed the next day, with just enough votes for Biden to take the lead. Even before all voting was counted (and some states entering a recount), the media immediately claimed Biden won.

Isn’t that enough reason to demand investigations? Why should we surrender our democracy to a group that has spent that last four years doing nothing but spread hate, fear, and division? A group that has never stopped to lie about Trump and his supporters?

They might have called the election, but don’t be surprised if they get a major upset in the coming weeks.

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