Media Ignored What Happened When President Visited LSU/Alabama Game

The liberal media wants you to think America is turning on Donald Trump.

They point to bogus polls claiming he’ll lose to would-be Democratic candidates. They spew fake news about the impeachment push to skew his approval rating. But reality does not match their stories. Just take a look at what happened when Trump and First Lady Melania visited the LSU game over the weekend. Here’s something you won’t see on the news.

You might remember what happened at one of the World Series’ games a few weeks back. President Trump and some of the First Family attended a Houston vs Astro’s game. The stadium—no doubt full of D.C. locals—booed the president and the first lady.

The media had a field day. Because the game was attended by local swamp dwellers, they turned on the one man that’s working to save America. I guess those World Series fans hate record low unemployment, slashed taxes, booming jobs market, and a safer country.

Democrats in the MSM spun that story, along with other pieces of fake news, to make it seem like Trump is losing steam. Nevermind the packed-out arenas of supporters wherever he goes. Nevermind the record haul of cash his campaign has brought in—hundreds of millions more than the Democrats.

The media puts out questionable polls about who will win in 2016—even though the Democrats can’t even pick a nominee. And Trump’s approval rating rises and falls like the tide—as if Americans are changing there mind that much on a daily basis.

But here are the facts: millions of Americans are on board the Trump train. In fact, I’d wager to say more Americans are backing Trump today than in 2016. Why? Because Trump has made good on every last campaign promise.

Even people who didn’t support him—who don’t even like him—are benefitting from his policies. There are more jobs out there than people looking for work! The economy is continuing to grow. More investments are flooding the country. And for the first time in a long time, we have energy dominance.

That could explain what happened this weekend, when Trump attended an LSU football game.

AMAZING welcome for @realDonaldTrump & @flotus at Bryant-Denny Stadium! Crowds went crazy!!! @LSUfootball vs. @AlabamaFTBL! #GeauxTigers 🐯 #RollTide 🐘 [Source: Twitter]

You can see from the video that the packed stadium of LSU and Alabama fans were cheering their hearts out for the president. The people were excited to see the president at the game and were letting him know.

Yet this story didn’t show up on CNN or the New York Times. The mainstream media didn’t bother to report how a significantly bigger audience was cheering Trump’s appearance, instead of booing him.

Donald Trump Jr. pointed out this discrepancy.

Why are we not seeing wall to wall coverage of crowd responses anymore? I was under the impression that they were very news worthy last week? [Source: Twitter]

Pretty interesting, huh? When a baseball stadium boos Trump, its headline news. But when a massive football arena cheers the Commander in Chief, we see nothing from the mainstream media.

It’s getting pretty hard to believe the media is not biased. After all, major news networks are run by hardcore Democrats. Online media sites are owned and operated by extreme leftists. Their entire agenda is to paint Donald Trump in the worst light possible. They no longer care about the facts. They are only interested in pushing their agenda.

All so that you will abandon the president and support one of their terrible candidates.

Let’s remember what kind of people the media wants you to support in 2020. Elizabeth Warren, a woman who lied about being a Cherokee Indian and wants to burden us with a $52 trillion healthcare plan. Bernie Sanders, a “Democratic socialist” that wants to tear down the border wall and end deportations. Joe Biden, a man who has a long history of helping countries that enrich his son, Hunter.

Hmm… I think I’ll stick with the man actually doing something for this country, thank you.

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