Meat Packing Plants Made Demands From Government–So Trump Fires Back

Thanks to the government-mandated shutdowns, countless restaurants, schools, and hotels have been closed. That resulted in unprecedented demand for food from local grocery stores. As the need for meat in stores rose, several food packing plants announced shutdowns, claiming workers were infected. Even as these companies make demands of the government, President Trump fires back.

I think it’s safe to say Americans have had enough fearmongering over this virus. Back in March, every damning prediction, force-fed worry, or panic-inducing claim was swallowed by the public. Americans were willing to believe the sky was falling thanks to this virus. The world was shutting down. Toilet paper was nowhere to be found. It was pandemonium.

Now, it’s almost May. We’ve seen how so few of these prophecies have come true. Americans are demanding to go back to work. The last thing we need is another round of the media spreading fear or panic.

Enter the meat packing industry. Recently, several companies were “forced” to shutdown plants, claiming a few workers have gotten sick. This sparked new fears that we might run out of food. Tyson even went as far as claiming the government needed to step in before we lost “millions” of pounds of meat.

What many of these reports won’t tell you is that food providers have been forced to throw out a surplus of food, due to the massive drop in demand. Your local grocery store may have had a few days of empty shelves, but trust me, we were far from running out of food. With demanding dropping, it makes sense that food companies would shut a few plants down to save money.

Is it due to the virus, or just a ploy stir up fear and squeeze support from the government? We might not know for sure, but the president isn’t letting them play any games.

President Trump on Tuesday signed an executive order to ensure meat processing plants stay open during the coronavirus pandemic.

The order invoked the Defense Production Act, deeming the facilities a part of the country’s critical infrastructure as concerns mounted that the U.S. food supply chain will be disrupted because of the contagion. The federal government also is supplying additional personal protective gear to plant employees. [Source: Fox News]

Let’s be honest. Countless business, states, and groups have tried to exploit the crisis to get a handout from the government. Hell, even a truck drivers’ union published an open letter to the president, issuing a thinly-veiled threat of losing drivers, if they didn’t get support from the government. Democrat-run states have exaggerated the crisis, hoping to get cash from D.C. to cover their debts.

What’s more likely, that thousands of food plants in the U.S. need to shut down because they can’t institute basic measures to keep everyone safe? Or they are looking for a bailout because they lost money because demand from restaurants plummeted?

It wouldn’t be the first time an industry tried to extort money from the government.

Regardless of what’s really going on, President Trump is not about to let these companies hold the country at ransom. He invoked the DPA, which gives him the power to directly order these plants to stay open and produce food. He can even force them to work for the federal government, if need be. But he’s no ogre. The president also provided additional gear so that plant workers can continue to stay safe as they go about their jobs.

And if you’re worried we might run out of food, keep this in mind. For years, many have complained about how our country wastes food. We are such a prosperous nation, that we routinely produce more food than we can actually eat. Even with a short-term shutdown (being lifted already), we will have plenty of food to go around.

Not that the mainstream media will tell you this.

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