McConnell Gives Democrats Grave Warning About Shutting Down the Filibuster

With Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda on ice, Democrats are scrambling for some kind of win. They did nothing all last year as Biden tanked our economy, abandoned our allies, and trampled our Constitution. Americans are eager to send these clowns a message this November. So, what are the Democrats’ plans to save themselves? Stealing our elections, of course!

If the Senate passes the left’s pair of “voting rights” bills, it would destroy our democracy. But Chuck Schumer can only get them passed if he also destroys the Senate—in the form of nuking the filibuster. This one rule makes sure all senators have a voice. Obviously, the power-hungry Schumer needs to kill this rule, so that the 50 Senate Democrats can pass whatever bills they want.

But Republican Mitch McConnell gave them a dire warning. Break the Senate and they’ll regret it.

Speaking on the floor of the Senate Tuesday, McConnell made clear that if the filibuster were amended or abolished, the Senate would bog down into a legislative “nuclear winter” where very little would actually get done…

“By breaking the Senate, [Schumer] wants to silence the voices of millions and millions of Americans,” McConnell reiterated, adding that Schumer wants to throw vast regions of the country who don’t agree with progressive policies into a “political power outage.”

McConnell then issued a stark warning to Schumer, saying that if the Majority Leader follows through on silencing the minority’s constituents, “we will make their voices heard in this chamber in ways that are more inconvenient for the majority and this White House than what anybody has seen in living memory.” [Source: Daily Wire]

It seems that Democrats seeking to abolish the filibuster aren’t thinking things through. First of all, they don’t realize that if they get rid of this rule, then they will be in big trouble the next time Republicans gain the majority (which is likely to happen this November). Then Republicans would have the power to pass any bills they want, without input from Democrats.

But McConnell warned them that they’d regret it much sooner. He pointed out that the Senate needs unanimous consent for “basic housekeeping.” That means the body can’t start the day without every member voting on simple things. Even turning on the chamber lights. If Democrats kill the filibuster, McConnell is making it clear that Republicans would ensure nothing gets done.

Republicans, even as a minority, can stall just about everything that happens in the Senate. McConnell explained (to people who apparently don’t know their own rules) that roll-call votes are needed for so many things. That even without the filibuster, the minority can still demand “lengthy debates.” Republicans can use their position to make Democrats’ lives a living hell. And they’ll be forced to do this so that toxic bills won’t see the light of day.

McConnell is warning that if Democrats go ahead and abolish the filibuster, the Senate would be broken. It would get nothing done. No legislation would ever get passed. And the American people would suffer as a result. All because Schumer and his henchmen are lusting for unchecked power. What they’ll end up with is absolutely nothing.

Author: John Paul Jones