Mayor Slams Ongoing Shutdowns — Demands America Reopen Now

At the onset of the virus pandemic, the vast majority of our leaders urged a nationwide shutdown. As usual, politicians weren’t thinking of the long-term impact of their decisions. After just a few weeks of this unprecedented move, millions of Americans are suffering. Now, the mayor of a major city is demanding answers and calling for an end to this madness.

Let me as you a sincere question: do you feel safer or healthier ever since the government shutdown our country? Keep in mind that the severe and dictatorial steps they took to “slow the spread” have resulted in over 20 million unemployed. Schools have been shut down until the fall. Important events and milestones will never happen.

The toll its had on our economy means many businesses will not come back. The despair caused by the shutdown have led to an increase in drug abuse, alcoholism, and suicide. And there has been little data to suggest these shutdowns did anything to stop the disease, which more and more appears as harmless as the seasonal flu.

This week, Trump laid out his plan to reopen the economy. Yet it appears as slow and punishing as the shutdown it’s trying to reverse. The time it might take to bring states back to “normal” will continue to cost us businesses, jobs, and ultimately lives.

One mayor has had enough. She has seen these insane measures cripple her city. Countless families cannot feed their children. Businesses are in freefall. And she’s wondering what was it all for?

On Wednesday, Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman called the shutdown of the Nevada economy “total insanity,” noting that the “nonessential” business designation “makes no sense,” and that the state “must open” now…

The mayor claimed experts have told her the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, which triggered the intentional economic shutdown, is not going away, thus rendering the crippled economy a consequence of an unnecessary delay…

“Small businesses and those on week-to-week paychecks have been forced to close. Entire savings that were invested in these small businesses are being lost or are have already been lost. Hotels and restaurants, our entire tourism and convention industry business, has been shut down,” Goodman continued. “It makes no sense. It makes no sense.” [Source: Daily Wire]

The planned reopening will require weeks, if not additional months. The risk-averse “experts” that crafted the plan are less concerned with Americans’ livelihoods than they are with protecting incompetent hospitals. Hospitals we all know should have been prepared (and are, right now, mostly empty).

Meanwhile, we are realizing what many have said from the start: that the shutdowns did nothing to defeat this disease.

The virus must make its way through society. Only until Americans build up an immunity will it no longer pose a threat. Yet forced quarantines will only delay that process, proving the shutdowns were foolish.

Mayor Goodman watched her tourist-based city crumble, thanks to these measures. Even under the new plan, it doesn’t account for restoring a city that depends on travel to survive. Dr. Birx and the others’ guidelines discourage “low-risk” Americans from attending large gatherings, even in phase 3. How can a city that relies on big events claw back from this, under those conditions?

Do they really expect Americans to never again attend a concert, sporting event, or play? Are these people insane?

Americans across the country are protesting over these shutdowns. People are being arrested for visiting family and friends. We’re already past the point where the “cure” has been much worse than the problem. Yet these experts are saying we might never do things the way we used to.

All for what? A disease for which we have three known treatments? A disease that can easily be prevented by washing your hands? A disease that doesn’t even hurt people under forty?

Mayor Goodman is 100% right. These shutdowns were a mistake. Even the government’s plan to “reopen” is much too slow.

We need to get back to work, yesterday.

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