Mayor Admits He Has No Plans To Help Small Businesses Recover

At the start of the year, Democrats nationwide ignored the threat of COVID. They resisted Trump’s efforts to contain the disease until March, when it was way too late. Even at the beginning of March, the mayor of New York refused to do anything. Now, after the city has been thoroughly demolished, he admits he has no plans for bringing it back.

They say you get the leaders you deserve. That’s a pretty sad indictment on the biggest city in America. After two solid decades of decent leadership, New Yorkers elected idiot Bill de Blasio as mayor. In just a few short years, he has reduced the Big Apple to a laughing stock. It’s pretty sad, considering how many hard-working Americans live there, struggling to keep the city together.

But when you vote for a Democrat with a radical, communist past, this is what happening.

De Blasio refused to listen to any advice at the start of the pandemic. Even as the virus spread rapidly through the city, he did nothing. It took the entire NYC health department threatening to resign before he bothered to do anything. Even then, you can argue that the city’s efforts to contain the disease were pathetic.

While millions were forced into their homes, deprived of an income, the city did nothing to protect or regulate the subways. Many continued to crowd into these tightly-packed trains, with little effort to socially distance. Hmm, you’d think the mayor would have done something to contain this obvious disease vector.

Instead, he set up a hotline so that New Yorkers could rat on their neighbors.

Today, much of the city is still a ghost town. Those that could, have fled to neighboring states. The governor is begging the rich to return (to get their taxes), but they won’t. And now, de Blasio is admitting he has no plan to bring things back to normal.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday that he has no plan for reopening indoor dining in New York City restaurants, even as the city’s response to the coronavirus continues to devastate one of its key industries…

Claiming indoor dining has led to spikes of the virus in Hong Kong and Europe, de Blasio continued, “There’s not a context for indoor dining. We’re never saying it’s impossible. But we do not, based on what we’re seeing around the world, we do not have a plan for reopening indoor dining in the near term.” [Source: Daily Wire]

All across the country, states have implemented plans so that restaurants can do indoor dining. In Texas, they have reduced capacity, face masks, and spaced out tables. Ample measures to pacify even the most-nervous guest. But de Blasio can’t even copy Texas’ plan, proving he has not bothered to come up with anything to fix this disaster.

Restaurants are a life-blood of the city, one of the biggest sources of revenue for locals and the state. If de Blasio doesn’t even have a plan for them, I have bad news: he doesn’t have a plan for anything else currently lockdown.

Reopening restaurants would send a powerful signal to New Yorkers. Sure, some would stay home. But many would happily get out of their houses to sit down at a restaurant like normal people. It would help them claw back a bit of normalcy. They would begin to think, “Hey maybe things will get better soon.”

But no, de Blasio is denying them a shred of hope. Not because he’s a cruel and vindictive man (though, he is), but because he is a corrupt, incompetent, and utterly useless mayor. On every level, he’s failed the city.

If New Yorkers were smart, they jettison him from the city on a catapult.

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