Maxine Brings Vaccine Mandates Front And Center

If there’s one person in D.C. more out of touch with reality than Joe Biden, it’s Maxine Waters. The deranged Democrat has developed a reputation for wild predictions, often claiming things that are far from the truth.

The previously little know representative gained national attention during Trump’s administration, claiming—without evidence—that the president deserved impeachment. She was also exposed for calling on her supporters to “push back” against Trump staffers, during a time of violence against Republicans.

And of course, she was fully on board with the BLM riots that destroyed many blue cities.

Now, she is back. And the woman with less leadership ability than Nancy Pelosi is making a disturbing prediction about COVID vaccines.

U.S. Congresswoman Maxine Waters, a Democrat from California, recently told a Los Angeles television station that the nationwide increase in COVID-19 transmission could result in some form of a vaccine requirement intended to save lives…

“I think we’re moving toward a mandate. This is very dangerous,” said Waters. “And I think we’re finding that people are dying, and younger people are being attacked by this virus. And so I think we’re going to have to be very careful. We’re going to have to be dedicated to the proposition that we’re going to get everybody vaccinated, and that we’re going to stop what I think could be a lot of deaths that would take place without doing it.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Don’t be fooled by the propaganda coming out of D.C. The reason they are pushing vaccines isn’t about “saving lives,” but covering up Joe Biden’s embarrassing failures. He promised to reach a vaccine goal by July 4th and miss pathetically. Now, Democrats and the media are trying to whip up fear again, to coerce more people to get vaccinated.

Make no mistake, COVID-19 isn’t just going to go away if enough people get vaccinated. What we’re seeing right now is proof that it will be a seasonal infection, much like the flu. Democrats are simply doing what they did last year, fearmongering to get Americans to do what they want.

If everyone gets vaccinated, do you think Democrats will back down? Of course not. They will keep milking COVID to get whatever they want. In a few months, they’ll be pushing masks again, or lockdowns, or whatever they feel is best suited to controlling the public.

This was never about keeping people “safe.” This was about power-hungry crooks using a virus to rob Americans of their freedom.

Let’s be honest. The current “surge” in cases will subside in a matter of weeks and Democrats will lose that excuse. But they will find another one, in the hopes of exploiting COVID for as long as they can.

As we’ve said in the past, Americans should be free to decide their own medical choices. Take the vaccine, don’t take the vaccine, that is something left up to you and your family. No one else can make that decision for you.

Certainly not a crooked, vindictive woman like Maxine Waters.

Author: Anthony Smith