Man Gets ‘Dirty Looks’ for Wearing Liberal Gear—But This Is What Happened to a Trump Supporter in NY

Image Source: The Bearded Patriot

A man in West Pennsylvania donned “Make Racism Wrong Again” clothes and walked around his neighborhood. He posted on Facebook, accusing his city of racism over “dirty looks.” But that pales in comparison to what happened to a man, just days ago, in New York after he wore a Trump hat. So, who are the real bigots in our country?

Jamal Lewis wanted to find out just how “intolerant” his Pittsburgh neighbors are. He put on a black t-shirt and cap with the words “Make Racism Wrong Again” in bold letters. Then he walked around Walmart to see the reaction. And oh man, it was bad!

Oh, wait, it wasn’t too bad. In fact, the worst he got was dirty looks. Actually, a few people complimented his garments. But the man still posted on Facebook, claiming Western Pennsylvania is “the most racist place he’s ever lived.”

Jamal Lewis, 48, posted a photo of himself wearing a matching “Make Racism Wrong Again” black hat and T-shirt in front of his home in Pittsburgh. The motto, which parallels President Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan “Make America Great Again,” received a mixed reaction from shoppers at Lewis’ local Walmart, he said in a July 27 post.

“Went to Walmart rocking my Make Racism Wrong Again gear! Lol! So many dirty looks. A couple of compliments. One thing I’ve learned about living in Western Pennsylvania. It is one of the most racist places I’ve ever lived,” Lewis wrote above a photo of himself smiling. [Source: Fox News]

Yep, that really looks like the face of man facing the worse racism he’s ever experienced. I guess he hasn’t faced too much racism then. Consider the fact that Mr. Lewis can walk down a major retail chain, wearing clothes he bought with his own money, can post freely to a social network to voice his opinion without fear. Those are not the actions of a man suffering from the lash of racism. Those are the actions of a free American citizen.

The worst he got was dirty looks. OH WOW! Dirty looks? I’m surprised he isn’t curled up in a ball, weeping and shaking!

Black Americans in the past were beaten by cops for drinking from the wrong water fountain. They were sprayed with fire hoses just for requesting the same rights as other Americans. Yet Mr. Lewis claims Western Pennsylvania is racist, because he got dirty looks from wearing provocative clothing.

But what happened to a Trump-supporting man, when he wore a MAGA hat in New York City recently? He didn’t get dirty looks, but blows to his face.

A local man New York City man said that he was beaten by a group of teenagers in Manhattan for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

Jahangir “John” Turan, an art gallery owner, purchased a MAGA hat Tuesday after visiting Trump Tower, Fox 5 reported. He told reporters Thursday that he was attacked by a group of about 15 “kids” on Canal Street and had his head smashed into a scaffold.

The kids yelled “Fuck Trump” and began to stomp on him before smashing his head, he said. Turan fractured his cheek and has a swollen eye, and he is checking to see if there may be permanent damage to his eyesight. [Source: Daily Wire]

That’s right. A man of color wanted to wear a Trump hat as he walked down the street in NYC. Was he given compliments and support? No, he was brutally beaten by a group of teenagers, who slew curses at him as they smashed his face into a wall.

This is the kind of bigotry and persecution conservatives of all races deal with in major liberal areas. There is no tolerance for a man of color who supports Trump. There is no acceptance for anyone that supports conservative politics. This is far from the first time a Trump-supporter has been attacked in New York. And it won’t be the last.

Mr. Lewis thinks it’s racist to get dirty looks for wearing a dishonest, anger-provoking shirt. Imagine what would have happened if he was beaten up for wearing it? There would be outrage on every TV network and news site. Yet nothing when a man is beaten for wearing “MAGA.”

This is the real bigotry in America: the bigotry of liberals against conservatives. And they won’t stop, if we don’t do anything about it.

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