Make It Make Sense: Biden Spends Big To Stop Wall

It’s becoming an act of futility to try and make any sense out of the Biden administration and their insistence on destroying the country.

Is this all for political reasons? Or do they have a larger aim in mind?

Whatever the purpose, the US-Mexico border is porous piece of swiss cheese compared to what it was less than a year ago. And to top it off, Biden’s Department of Homeland Security is actively making it worse.

Their latest announcement is shocking.

The Department of Homeland Security has announced that it is canceling more contracts to erect a border wall in the Rio Grande Valley even as the DHS recently said it was bracing for up to 400,000 border apprehensions this month, many weekend reports noted over the weekend.

Congress already allocated the cash to use for wall construction, but Biden has ordered Mayorkas and the DHS to spend it on “environmental projects” instead. The projects include “biological, cultural, and natural resource surveys” in the border region, according to a DHS statement.

What in god’s name does that even mean?

This announcement marks the latest effort to cancel or destroy any of Trump’s influence on America’s approach to immigration enforcement along the southern border. Canceling contracts for wall construction is an extreme, costly, and even deadly decision that Joe Biden and the Democrats will have to reckon with as Americans gear up to vote in the 2020 midterm elections.

A widescale review is being done of all border wall projects per Joe Biden’s day one promise upon entering the White House. It’s not yet known if he possesses the authority to redirect funds already allocated for a specific purpose.

Texas Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar told CNN that the latest cancellations are for 44 miles.

He insisted in a statement that the authorities “will now be able to utilize redirected funds for the deployment of innovative border security technology that helps DHS achieve operational control and provide situational awareness between the ports of entry.”

Why the Democrats believe there’s some fancy, new technology out there better suited to stop illegal border crossing than a good old-fashioned WALL, one will never know. Sometimes the wheel (or the wall) does not need to be reinvented. The Democrats aren’t stupid, however. They’re fully aware of the efficacy of Trump’s border wall, but you can’t have an open border if a wall is blocking it.

Republicans harshly criticized the move, with Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford eviscerating the decision:

Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw called on Twitter for DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to be impeached for cancelling border wall contracts during a border crisis.

Former chief of the United States Border Patrol Rodney Scott slammed the Biden administration for its actions on the issue since taking over in January, saying, “we were supposed to do an in depth study and then come up with a plan going forward” regarding the border wall.


“There are stacks and stacks of border wall panels, there’s hundreds of miles of fiber optic cabling, there’s hundreds of cameras that were being installed with that, that are just sitting, there’s no action being taken.”

No matter which way you slice it, no sense will be made from the decisions. An utter lack of common sense can only mean there’s a hidden aim being executed by the Democrats, and no one would be surprised by that. This harrowing reality is merely proof positive that they must be voted out in 2022 and 2024 — no exceptions.

Author: Asa McCue