Majority Leader Dumps Cold Water on Pelosi

For months, the federal government has tried to hammer out a new COVID relief package. But time and again, Nancy Pelosi has fouled up negotiations, trying to shove her own agenda into the bill. Talks between parties broke down, but word came out that the White House was still trying to make a deal. Now, Mitch McConnell is dumping cold water on these talks, telling Trump to reject a deal before November 3.

At the height of the COVID panic, Congress scrambled to provide aid for the mess the government had created. State governments shut down their economies, putting millions out of work. Congress provided a program to keep small businesses afloat, which was immediately exploited by large corporations. Once, the government provided meager checks for people suddenly jobless. But since then, no relief has been in sight.

There was plenty of talk about a new package over the summer, but Democrats made sure it was all talk, no action. From the very start, Pelosi made it clear she was only concerned with using the pandemic to push her radical agenda. Numerous other Democrats in Congress admitted they wanted to exploit the lockdowns. Negotiations came to a grinding halt, until news came that the White House was working on something.

But it seems like even that package might not happen, as Senate Majority Leader McConnell has a word of warning for the president.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell urged the White House not to strike a big coronavirus deal before the Nov. 3 election, despite President Trump’s public wishes to do so.

The powerful Kentucky Republican expressed his concerns to the Trump administration in the midst of ongoing talks between Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as they try to forge a deal this week that would deliver direct payments, unemployment help and business relief to Americans reeling from the pandemic’s economic fallout…

McConnell is concerned that Pelosi, D-Calif., is not negotiating in good faith with the White House. And if a big deal is struck — which Trump has said he wants before Nov. 3 — then voting on the legislation could interfere with the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. [Source: Fox News]

We know that Pelosi’s last concern is with helping the American people. Even CNN’s Wolf Blitzer slammed the Democrat over how her own people are “starving in the streets.” The only reason she is now open to crafting a new package is to either cram her bloated funding into it or, as McConnell warned, us the legislation to delay the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett.

Democrats will do anything to stop Trump from appointing a new Supreme Court justice. They have even gone as far as to promise “war.” These clowns would make a deal with the devil to upturn Trump’s agenda (they probably already have). So, it would be a simple thing for Pelosi to pretend to support negotiations for a new relief package, if it could stop ACB from joining the court.

Chances are, she’d play along just long enough for the confirmation to be delayed, only to vote down the package right before the election. She’s done stuff like this before.

Remember, in 2018 during the midterms, she assured Americans that Democrats would not impeach Trump if they won the House. Almost immediately, she turned back on that word. Pelosi frequently promises to work with other lawmakers—only to storm out of meetings with Trump and Republicans (and go straight to the cameras). This woman cannot be trusted. She does not deserve to hold public office.

If you ask me, Trump should follow McConnell’s advice. The best relief from COVID is an end to the lockdowns. Endless government support (in any form) will only encourage state and local governments to extend the pain and suffering, so they can cash in.

Let the economy do what it does best: recover without government involvement.

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