Major Swing State Finally Opens Investigation Into 2020 Election Fraud

What? We’re talking about the 2020 Election again? Why? Why can’t we just let this go and move on with our lives? Well, that’s what the liberal media wants us to do. But while nothing can be done that will magically remove Biden and bring back Trump, looking into the disaster that was that election is necessary. Because, if we want fair and legal elections in the future, the “irregularities” of 2020 need to be found and fixed.

The media has done a good job of suppressing news about state audits. Many states (most of the ones that were “flipped” by Biden) have conducted audits of the 2020 Election. What they’ve found was deeply disturbing. Moreover, plenty of states have passed new election laws that plug up the convenient rule-changes made at the last minute in 2020.

But more must be done, especially in states where the ballot-counting was truly disgraceful. Georgia was perhaps the biggest failure of the 2020 Election. They passed a law that went a long way in securing their elections, but it’s safe to say problems still linger. Now, after undeniable evidence has been dropped in their lap, the state is finally conducting an investigation.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced Tuesday he initiated a probe into possible illegal ballot harvesting in the 2020 election…

True the Vote submitted a complaint to Raffensperger’s office on November 30 that details digital data of 242 people making visits to drop boxes to dump mail-in-ballots, with about 40 percent of the trips occurring between midnight and 5:00 a.m…

The True the Vote evidence reportedly includes phone data correlated with video that shows individuals dropping ballots at 5,662 ballot drops during the 2020 pandemic. [Source: Breitbart]

Huh, 242 people visited 5,662 ballot drop boxes in the dead of night. Nothing suspicious about that! Drop boxes, if you didn’t know, allow individuals to submit their mail-in ballot. So, if you follow me, a person will only use a drop box once, to drop off their ballot. Yet, mysteriously, this watchdog group discovered over 200 people visiting thousands of drop boxes. Oh, and it was late at night, so nobody would see what they were doing!

What could this mean? Were these people simply visiting the boxes to say hi? Or were they stuffing the ballot box with thousands of fraudulent votes? You know that Joe Biden “won” Georgia by a mere 12,000 voters, right? It would have been very easy to get that many votes through if you had 200 operatives stuffing drop boxes through the night.

Yet we’re crazy and “insurrectionists” if we even discuss this stuff? That’s what dictators say when well-meaning citizens demand answers. Just look at how Joe Biden’s “led” since entering office. Does he look like a competent president who won a fair election? Or does he seem to be a puppet, being pushed around by crooked Democrat operatives?

We can’t say for sure what Georgia’s investigation will discover, but it won’t be pretty.

Author: Peter Sampson