Major Businesses Abandon Liberal City Over Endless Lockdowns

Despite positive virus trends, Democrat-run states continue to push painful and useless lockdowns. Some states refuse to reopen the schools. Others punish business owners and workers, ensuring neither can put food on the table. In Democrat-dominated New York, it’s gotten so bad even big-name companies are pulling up their stakes for good.

Let’s get real here people, it’s nearly September. Why the heck are states still in partial lockdowns? We’ve seen the numbers and cases and deaths. It’s clear that this disease had to run its course before it faded. The lockdowns—be they big or small—did nothing to “slow the spread,” “flatten the curve,” or whatever mindless mantra the media threw at us.

Yes, New York was a disaster. But that’s thanks to A) a mayor that ignored warnings until it was too late and B) a governor that forced sick patients into nursing homes. New York wouldn’t have seen the number of deaths it did, had these two Democrats actually done their job.

Yet even as things are getting better nationwide, New York’s economy is still frozen. What do these numbskulls think is going to happen? You can’t just flick a switch and bring everything back to where it was. Businesses are not going to pay rent on space they can’t open. And people, eventually, will get fed up with these abusive tactics.

Sure, you can say Democrats pushed lockdowns, hoping the stagnated economy would affect the election. But their idiotic measures are only blowing up in their faces. Gov. Cuomo recently begged wealthy New Yorkers to come back, despite ongoing lockdown measures and uncertainty about the upcoming school year.

It didn’t work. And some major companies won’t ever come back.

Crime, taxes, disease, and an anti-science approach to social distancing have chased a number of big retailers and restaurateurs out of New York forever…

“In the heart of Manhattan, national chains including J.C. Penney, Kate Spade, Subway and Le Pain Quotidien have shuttered branches for good,” per the Times, which adds other big box retailers, like Victoria’s Secret and the Gap, have chosen to reopen in other states while their Manhattan locations remain shuttered…

“There’s no reason to do business in New York,” the chief executive of Ark Restaurants explains. He has five restaurants in Manhattan but only reopened two.

In Florida, though, he’s thriving.

“I can do the same volume in Florida in the same square feet as I would have in New York, with my expenses being much less,” he explained. [Source: Breitbart]

Some of these businesses were on the hook for nearly a million dollars a month in rent. Think about that, they had to pay a million dollars a month—while making no money because the city was locked down.

Would you stick around for that?

Democrats thought locking their states down would hurt Trump. But conservative states were able to reopen. Even during a spike in June and July, states like Florida and Texas were able to reopen and continue business while managing cases. What was New York’s excuse?

Millions of New Yorkers were forced to suffer, as de Blasio and Cuomo passed the buck. Now, major companies just aren’t coming back. That means a drop in job opportunity for New Yorkers, as well as a massive decrease in tax revenue.

Democrats stupidly thought they could put up with the drop in taxes because Nancy Pelosi and the swamp would shell out federal bailout funds. But that didn’t happen. California, New York, Michigan, and other states are looking at sharp drops in tax revenue thanks to the lockdowns.

Some cities and states might jack up taxes sky-high, resulting in even more people and businesses leaving.

Gee, if only there was a lesson in all this? Oh, there is: stop voting Democrat.

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