Look Who’s Going After Pelosi In 2020

With everything we’ve already been through this year, it’s easy to forget that 2020 will be a BIG election year.

Not only is Trump up for re-election, but our entire federal government can be reshaped. Republicans might even retake the House from the Democrats.

Mike Pence is ready to take the fight to Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi.

From Washington Examiner:

“I think, going into this fall, the American people know President Trump knows what it takes to create jobs in this country,” he added…

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is about to get a leading role in Trump’s reelection. That’s because the Trump-Pence team is planning to seize on her unpopularity and make her a key foe in the campaign.

Mike Pence said he is all-in for Trump’s re-election, ready to take the message of our recovery economy to the people.

He and the Team Trump will be focusing on Nancy Pelosi, who’s unpopularity will make her a focus of the campaign.

Our Take:

It’s hard not to expect Trump to win in a landslide. Democrats shot themselves in the foot by ditching Sanders and nominating Sleepy Joe.

Will Joe even be viable by November? We’ll see.

The fact that Team Trump will be focusing on Nancy Pelosi suggests a concerted effort to retake the House.

Republicans will make Pelosi the face of the Democratic Party, not Biden. They will remind the country of every time Pelosi failed lus over the last few years.

She promised to work with the administration. She vowed against impeachment. What did she do, though? She impeached Trump.

Not only that, but she also ignored COVID-19 early this year. Only to push radical funding after it struck and blame Trump for it.

She tore up the president’s SOTU address, a move many thought was shameful.

Pelosi promised a lot when she retook the House. She’s delivered zero. That should be a good enough reach to give the GOP a majority.

Americans need to be reminded of who is really tearing this country apart. As chaos ravaged our cities, it was Trump who sent in the National Guard to restore order.

Democrats sat back posted black squares on their social media accounts.

I think Pence has a pretty good angle, come November.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Vice President Mike Pence Opens Up, Declares He’s Going After Nancy Pelosi For 2020

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