Liz Cheney Has Total Mental Breakdown – Is Convinced She’ll Be Re-Elected

There must be something about being an anti-Trumper that makes you stupid. Or at least, very out-of-touch with reality. When Liz Cheney turned on the GOP to impeach Trump, it sparked a series of events that have since torched her career.

For a moment, it looked like the Republican establishment in D.C. was “moving on” from Donald Trump. But it didn’t take long for them to realize that American voters were still behind the 45th president. Most leading Republican voices rallied behind Trump and embraced his continued influence.

Those who didn’t–and even voted in the Democrats’ second bogus impeachment–were quickly criticized. Liz Cheney was bashed by an overwhelming majority of voters back home. The Wyoming Republican Party even censured her. And, eventually, House Republicans removed her from her position of power.

Yet this woman is not only unrepentant, she continues to bash a president that single-handedly saved the Republican Party. Now, she claims she will be re-elected.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), the embattled former Republican conference chair, during an interview Wednesday with the Wall Street Journal’s “Women, Power and Equity” event, said she sees her “re-election bid as a referendum on the future of the Republican Party.”…

A poll from earlier this month showed Cheney to be in trouble in the midterms. The Club for Growth PAC poll showed the congresswoman with a net negative image. Additionally, Cheney’s unfavorable rating stands at 65 percent with a net rating of -36 percent.

Fifty-two percent also said they would rather vote for her opponent regardless of who runs against her, giving hope to challengers.

In comparison, the same poll also found Trump’s favorability numbers to be an overwhelming 60 percent net positive in Wyoming. [Source: Breitbart]

Clearly, this woman is living in a dream world. Ever since she voted to impeach Trump and pushed more and more anti-Trump rhetoric, her support back home has tanked. You can see the numbers yourself. She has an unfavorable rating at a shocking 65%. Over half of voters said they’d vote for anyone rather than her.

The people of Wyoming went for Trump in 2020. Why does Cheney think they’ll back her after she continues to slander their favorite president?

It seems odd that a Republican would be so determined to attack a popular president–and claim she is the future of the party. Cheney claims that “traditional” conservative values will help her win her re-election.

But what values are that? She included “military spending.” Really? This woman is admitting she is a war-monger that wants to blow our money and foreign wars (the very thing Trump accused her of)?

Trump once said that Cheney will lose reelection and become a lobbyist in D.C. But the woman is confident she will continue to be a congresswoman.

Either way, we can be safe in saying she will continue to serve the swamp, one way or another.

Author: David Graham