Lindsey Graham Makes Big 2020 Prediction as Democrat Primaries Are In Disarray

It’s Friday, but the results of Iowa’s Democratic caucuses are still uncertain. Even with all precincts reporting in, the Democrats are demanding a recanvassing—just for starters. Their 2020 season has not gotten off to a great start. And Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has made a big prediction. Everything’s looking good for President Trump.

This year was supposed to be the big comeback for the Democrats. First, they were supposed to nail Trump—once and for all—with their long-promised impeachment. Even if he was acquited in the Republican-controlled Senate, it would remain a black mark on his name forever.

After that, the Democrats would storm into the 2020 Election with a star candidate ready to take back the White House. With Trump’s presidency and campaign floundering, it would be a cakewalk for whoever gets the Democratic nomination.

But nothing has worked out as the left planned. Even with the mainstream media lying for them, they can’t get anything right.

Impeachment has only helped Donald Trump. He’s been cleared of all charges, his approval is rising, and he’s got a war chest for his re-election. The Democrats who pushed impeachment only look like miserable, dishonest crooks who are driven by partisan politics.

Worse has been their 2020 primaries. After months of debates and campaigning, we’ve yet to see a standout frontrunner. Joe Biden is a bust (big surprise). The once rising star Elizabeth Warren is crashing and burning. The only two that seem to be winning are a radical socialist and a mayor with a history of corruption.

The Iowa caucuses were supposed to set the tone for the rest of the primaries. You have to understand that every that happens during an election season can build momentum. But one bad move, and everything’s spoiled. The very first step in the Democrats’ “takeback” of the White House wasn’t only lackluster—it was a disaster.

Even at the time of this writing, the results of Iowa are uncertain. Pete Buttigieg seems to have won the delegates, but Sanders had more popular votes. Bernie is claiming a victory he cannot prove. The DNC chairman is demanding a recanvassing. It’s chaos no matter where you look.

Now, Sen. Lindsey Graham is predicting what will happen next—proving just how doomed the left it.

▶️ Well done Mayor Pete.

▶️ Bernie wins New Hampshire.

▶️ Biden wins South Carolina.

Democratic Party is coming unraveled and suffering a severe identity crisis.

Republican Party supporting President Trump at Reagan levels.

I like our chances in 2020! [Source: Twitter]

Sen. Graham is predicting the next two big caucuses will have different winners. Which will lead to more uncertainty as more states start bringing in their votes. There might not be a clear nominee by the convention, which is what they often call a contested convention. But this might be worse than any we’ve seen before.

If the delegates are really spread out across three (or maybe four) candidates, who knows what they will be forced to do?

We might witness the DNC leadership just picking a candidate they like—like billionaire Bloomberg or Sleepy Joe. Something tells me the rabid Bernie Sanders supporters won’t like that. Nor the rest of the Democrat voters who spent their time casting ballots.

Graham claims the Democrats are suffering a severe identity crisis. Sounds about right. They don’t know who they are or what they stand for. By now, they should have a clear picture of their candidate and what they want to do for America. Instead, they bicker and fight like children in the schoolyard.

This all looks good for Donald Trump. The Republican Party is united like never before. The president’s approval within the party is at record highs. America has seen his unprecedented success. The GOP is running a tight ship with effective campaign strategies.

Hmm… I wonder how November will shape up?

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