Lifelong Democrats Leaving Party–Blast Dems for Abandoning Women and Girls

There are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about the 2022 midterms… if you’re a Republican. Democrats, on the other hand, might be in for a very bad November. Numerous polls reveal generic Republicans are beating Democrats by double digits. That has never happened before. Joe Biden is enjoying the longest low approval streak in the history of the country. And scores of House Democrats are abandoning ship rather than lose their seats.

But there is so much more for Democrats to fear. According to some longtime Democrats, many are leaving the party. In fact, a few “lifelong” Democrats revealed they are dumping the party. And why? Because they have abandoned women and girls.

Lifelong Democrats are frustrated with the party: “I don’t think Democrats care about women and girls,” during a segment on Fox News Digital on 3/19/22. [Source: YouTube]

This is pretty bad. You might remember that Democrats claimed to be the party that “believes all women.” Yet today, they are hemorrhaging women voters, who believe the party no longer cares about them or their daughters. You can’t really pretend to be a champion for women’s rights when you ignore those who accuse Joe Biden of sexual assault. Not to mention other powerful Democrat men who have evaded scandals.

And let’s not forget the big, ugly elephant in the room. Democrats are increasingly sacrificing women and girls on the altar of transgenderism. Biological men are treated the same as women. They are allowed to use women’s bathrooms, compete in women’s sports, and are granted the same special status among Democrats are real women. In fact, because they are “trans” they are actually higher up on the “victim pyramid” Democrats have created to oppress regular Americans.

Transgenders, being the smallest minority in America enjoy more rights and privileges than even black Americans or gays. And because they claim to be women, they are increasingly usurping the role women play in American society. Imagine that, feminists are going far to the extremes, they are giving up their rights to men!

Any sane woman will say enough is enough. How can a mother, even a liberal one, feel fine with a grown man going into the same bathroom as their 8-year-old daughter? How can parents, even Democrats, who sacrificed for years so their daughters can compete in athletic events smile when a man beats them at an NCAA swim meet?

Republicans are supporting this nonsense. The party that “championed” women’s rights is. And it seems more and more women are getting sick and tired of the hypocrisy. This goes hand in hand with the record of failure Democrats have made over the last year into this year. They had total control of the government, yet somehow made things much worse.

Why would any sane American keep supporting them?

Author: Bo Dogan