‘Lifelong’ Dem and Former Police Chief Ditches Party, Runs as Republican Candidate

It’s been well-documented that Democrats are facing a very bad 2022 midterm cycle. Joe Biden’s been crashing and burning. And the Democrats, for their part, appear to be going out of their way to destroy their chances. They dragged out lockdowns and mandates for as long as they could. They’ve tanked the economy and supported Biden’s terrible energy plan.

And let’s not forget what was perhaps their worst decision in decades: defunding the police. Crime has been out of control in cities where Democrat majorities slashed police budgets. And thanks to the dishonest liberal media, cops have been branded monsters even in cities that didn’t defund PDs.

A lifelong Democrat and former New York police chief witnessed this insanity firsthand. And now, he’s striking back against the party that left him, running for the GOP.

A former New York police chief and longtime Democrat says he is so disgusted with the contempt members of his party have for cops that he is running for Congress as a Republican…

“The demonization, the demoralization, and the defunding the police rhetoric from the Democratic Party, coupled with other ideologies the Democratic Party started to take on caused me to leave the party,” said [Former Rochester Police Chief La’Ron] Singletary, 42. “The Democratic Party was no longer the party that I knew it to be, and no longer the party of my parents.” [Source: Daily Wire]

La’Ron Singletary, a former police chief from Rochester, NY, is leaving the Democratic Party and running as a Republican. He will be running for New York’s 25th Congressional District. The main reason he left the party? Seeing how much it has turned on cops.

He experienced this first hand, two years ago, when the Mayor of Rochester, Democrat Lovely Warren, blamed him for the death of black man Daniel Prude. Singletary was so disgusted by the smear campaign, that he resigned from his post—along with his entire command staff. It later came out that Lovely Warren pleaded guilty to campaign finance charges after her home was raided by police.

Singletary is not the only American sickened by the left’s war on police. For several years, Democrats in deep blue regions have portrayed cops as villains who prey on minorities. They ignore the overwhelming statistics that show minority deaths come mostly at the hands of criminals. Democrats have pushed for extreme policies that slash police budgets, reducing the number of cops on the streets.

The results have been obvious, a massive rise in crime, including violent crime, in blue cities.

The defund movement has tarnished the Democrat Party’s reputation. So much so, that D.C. Democrats have desperately tried to distance themselves from it. Joe Biden has, unsuccessfully, claimed that Democrats were never behind the defund movement. His broke administration has even tried to pin the blame on Republicans.

Nobody’s believing that one.

Author: Bo Dogan