Liberals Unable To Stop Historical ‘Freedom Convoy’ From Growing

The fight for freedom against liberal fascism, tyranny, and forced medical treatment wages on as the brave men and women in Canada’s ‘Freedom Convoy’ show no signs of slowing down.

Try as they might, liberals in both the U.S. and Canadian government as well as left-wing media propagandists have attempted to smear the protesting truckers, labeling them as “right-wing extremists” and other epithets.

Canadian police have confiscated firewood, gasoline and food in an attempt to freezeout and starve protestors — truly an act of attempted murder.

Big Tech firms have teamed up with liberal governments to stop fundraising dollars from flowing to protestors and have blocked most efforts to provide truckers with funds from private donors.

If this isn’t liberal fascism then what is?

Isn’t the left ostensibly a workers’ rights movement? If so, why aren’t truckers being supported?

Every leftist premise should be rejected whole hog as they’ve truly outed themselves to be evil fascists trolls without any semblance of ideological consistency or backbone.

Leftists to the camps!

However, against all odds, the ‘Freedom Convoy’ is only growing. The protestors have now successfully jammed up at least three border crossings along the U.S. border just as COVID-19 restrictions are being loosened in both the U.S. and Canada.

While the convoy’s physical presence has been largely concentrated in the Canadian capital of Ottawa, this week, opponents of the government’s coronavirus restrictions took to a new strategy: blocking international borders.

Protesters blocked traffic from crossing the Ambassador Bridge, one of the busiest crossings between the U.S. and Canada. The bridge, which connects Windsor, Ontario, to Detroit is a crucial outlet and accounts for about a quarter of all trade between the two countries.

U.S. and Canadian authorities are reportedly working to direct some of the backlogged traffic through the Blue Water Bridge, a border crossing located about 60 miles north of the Ambassador Bridge.

Demonstrators have also congregated at two additional crossings.

Police in Manitoba said on Thursday that protesters have “shut down” the Emmerson point of entry between Canada and North Dakota.

Law enforcement in Alberta also said that the Coutts crossing, which is a point of entry between Montana and Alberta, was impassable, with northbound and southbound traffic blocked.

Earlier this week, the White House Eva Braun Jen Psaki condemned the ‘Freedom Convoy’. She even claimed the protests had little to do with vaccine mandates and said the Biden administration was “closely monitoring the situation.” 

The Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin this week warning about the possibility of a trucker convoy from California to Washington, D.C., although it described the current situation as in the “aspirational” phase.

One can only hope an American ‘Freedom Convoy’ is in the works, but let’s face it: Joe Biden would order his military to shoot down the protestors on sight.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney