Liberals Take Mask Hysteria To a Whole New Level

Researchers have come up with a new way to embarrass liberals in public. 

The nose-only mask has entered the market as hysteria surrounding the pandemic continues to surround the narrative. The mask is designed for restaurant-goers who insist on “protecting” themselves while still enjoying a meal. 

Many states have begun lifting their lockdown restrictions. Some Republican-led states have completely eliminated all restrictions to restaurants, bars and indoor venues. Even Democrat-run states have allowed restaurants to reopen, but it seems some liberals are a little reluctant. 

The nose masks — worn under the full mask when not eating or drinking — was released to much confusion from consumers. The release was debuted with an odd video showing an elderly couple having lunch outdoors. 

Many online liberals cheered on the invention, saying it would be helpful in continuing to spread the virus as reopening measures take place. 

Others, however, point out the obvious similarity to another popular nose-only mask :

The World Health Organization recommends mask-wearers to cover both their nose and mouth, there’s yet to be any evidence of a nose-only mask effectiveness.  

Last month, CDC released a study showing more mask material is better than less. As a result, many begun wearing two masks, or double-masking, to significantly decrease the spread of coronavirus.  

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