Liberals Silent After Favorite Governor’s Sexual Harassment Leaks

It’s been a bad time for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Once upon a time, he was worshiped by the left as a COVID champion. They ignored the fact he was forcing sick patients into nursing homes, pretending the support given to him by Trump magically appeared on its own. But in recent days, Cuomo has become enemy number one.

A top aide’s comments were leaked, revealing a damning cover up about the number of nursing home deaths. A Democrat state lawmaker claimed Cuomo threatened him. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio accused Cuomo of using intimidation tactics all the time.

Now, a former New York State department head is accusing the man of numerous attempts of sexual harassment. She claimed the man made many comments, invited her to “stripe poker,” and at least one time tried to kiss her. She eventually resigned, because nobody else in the office would believe her.

Some Republican leaders are calling Cuomo to resign. What about leading liberal women? Oh, they are silent.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, an outspoken supporter of women’s rights who had blasted former Senate colleague Al Franken… did not respond to Fox News’ requests for comment on her home-state governor…

The White House did not respond to requests for comment from Vice President Kamala Harris, who said during the 2020 Democratic presidential primary campaign that she believed women who had accused then-rival Joe Biden of inappropriate touching…

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a longtime Cuomo ally, did not respond to Fox News’ request for comment. Neither did House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. [Source: Fox News]

Top Democrat women, who were outspoken during the MeToo movement, are surprisingly silent over Cuomo’s sexual harassment scandal. They all said at one time or another, that we should believe all women who accuse men of harassment. Yet when a Democratic governor is facing credible accusations, they refuse to speak out.

Odd how they aren’t upset that Cuomo allegedly harassed this woman so much, she had to quit. Or how the rest of his top officials, mostly women, told her to shut up and get over it. This is text box behavior of an abuser. Considering the other accusations coming out against Cuomo, these allegations don’t seem too far-fetched.

So, why aren’t these liberal women at least calling for answers? Shouldn’t they be standing up for women everywhere who are harassed by men (mostly Democratic men, it seems)?

Oh, but that would hurt their party, wouldn’t it? Admitting that a powerful, leading governor is a woman abuser would cast a heavy shadow on the Democrats, especially since he recently visited the White House.

I guess upholding your values and showing integrity goes out the window, when politics are at stake. Imagine the outrage if a Republican governor was being accused of all this. Even members of his own party would demand his resignation.

But once again, Democrats are mum when their party is at stake.

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