Liberals Reveal Their True Colors In Secret Poll

Liberals constantly claim to be compassionate and caring. They say they vote for Democrats because they believe their platform helps Americans of all backgrounds. But that doesn’t appear to really be the case. Because a new poll has just come out, revealing the unvarnished truth about what liberals think of regular Americans.

You know the cliché: your average liberal is a soy latte-sipping blogger who lives in New York or LA. They live off of daddy’s trust fund and only work when they need to. They surround themselves with like-thinking people, regurgitating the same talking points back and forth to each other.

A stereotype, but one close to the truth. Once upon a time, liberals represented the hard-working, salt of the earth folks who built this country. They were patriotic (yes, they were!) and defend labor unions from illegal immigration and corrupt corporations.

Those days are long behind us. Today, the rich elite Democrats in D.C. bow to massive corporations and foreign powers (mostly China). They sell out our country, including blue-collar workers, to groups that bleed jobs dry and starve us of natural resources. Claiming to be champions of civil rights, they clamp down on our liberties whenever its convenient for them.

And now, we see that they have little esteem for the people they pretend to represent.

Fifty-one percent of liberals and 45 percent of Democrats told a pollster that too few of their fellow Americans are willing to fill construction, technology, hospitality, and other service jobs, regardless of pay…

The liberal responses “are driven by contempt for their fellow-countrymen in general and working-class whites in particular,” suggested Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies. Their view of Americans as “lazy and entitled” is combined with “a veneration of immigrants,” he said. [Source: Breitbart]

Thanks to years of indoctrination by colleges, the media, and Hollywood, liberals believe Americans (of all races) are lazy and refuse to work. Immigrants, on the other hand (including illegal aliens), are portrayed by liberals as caring, hard-working, flawless people.

It’s clear that liberals don’t respect Americans. They look down their noses at us, just because we didn’t attend their colleges, live in their high-rent cities, or hold to their Marxist views. Yet they idolize immigrants, not because they’re better than Americans, but because they can be easily exploited for cheap labor.

The Ivy League hypocrites who despise Americans are simply useful idiots of massive corporations. Globalists want people to think Americans (who want better pay and good working conditions) are unwilling to work and that companies can only thrive if they ship jobs to sweatshops overseas or higher illegal workers here.

Liberals, who are too arrogant to realize they are being duped, gladly embrace this bigoted view because it is preached from schools, TV, and online. They never bothered to step down from their ivory towers and see that Americans are decent, hard-working, honest people who want to work to support their families.

Just because liberals don’t want to work at a construction site doesn’t mean there aren’t millions of Americans who do.

This poll doesn’t reveal much about regular Americans, but it speaks volumes about liberals. This is why they push for social programs that make poor folks dependents to the government. Liberals don’t really think we’re capable of finding work and supporting ourselves. Because we don’t have a degree (and aren’t swimming in student loan debt), we need the government to pay for our food, clothing, and health insurance.

Meanwhile, liberals enjoy the good life, unaffected by their own toxic policies. Even when they defund the police, they’ll be safe in their gated communities… but not for long.

If this poll tells us one thing, it’s this: people who despise Americans this much do not deserve to be running the country.

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