Liberals Outraged As Trump Scoops Up Support in Anti-POTUS State

Hollywood liberals were shocked when they found out that Trump was coming to their own backyard to gather support.

Some even demanded a list of supporters, in order to blacklist them. Despite all their protests and complaints, Trump made it to California, where he proceeded to clean up.

When news came out that Donald Trump would travel to California to attend fundraisers from wealthy Republicans, Democrats freaked out. Apparently, they thought all the Republicans had fled the state. They hate the fact that their “perfect” liberal paradise is infested with wealthy Americans who love this country and support the president.

Some Hollywood actors demanded the names of all the “traitors” who would attend Trump’s fundraisers. This, coming from an industry that condemned the blacklisting of actors in the 1950s. I guess Hollywood never changes, huh?

Pretty sad these Hollywood elitists can’t see how their own toxic policies are destroying their state. The once beautiful and respected Golden State is now a train wreck. I don’t have to tell you about the rampant homelessness across major cities. The filth that fills the streets of Los Angeles and San Francisco. How people can’t even walk to work because of the shanty towns of meth-using hobos.

It’s all thanks to the Democrats.

The fact that there are wealthy, influential Republicans in CA (who haven’t yet fled to Texas) is a testament to their desire to save the state. These Hollywood liberals should be thanking them for sticking it out—instead of trying to destroy them.

Yet despite all the complaining and threats of blacklisting, Trump still made his way to California. Where, for him, it was still a Golden State.

President Trump sent liberal California activists into a tizzy on Tuesday, as he executed a lunch-dinner-breakfast-lunch fundraising blitz expected to scoop up $15 million from wealthy Republicans in the state in the span of just two days…

With protesters not far away, Trump kicked off his moneymaking Tuesday with a $3 million Bay Area luncheon, to be followed by a $5 million Beverly Hills dinner at the home of real estate developer Geoffrey Palmer. He’s expected to bring in an additional $7 million on Wednesday with a breakfast in Los Angeles and luncheon in San Diego…

According to The Mercury News, as Trump’s motorcade roared by, filmmaker Ralph King hoisted a hand-written sign reading “you are not welcome here” and said “it’s offensive that Trump is bringing his toxic message into our backyard.” [Source: Fox News]

Ah, it’s nice to see how accepting and open-minded liberals remain to this day. For a party that demands inclusivity for every fringe minority group, it’s shocking to see how hateful they are to people who don’t share their views.

“You are not welcome here”? Mr. King, Trump is your president, too. Unless, of course, you want to move away.

And he’s most certainly welcome. He just raked in millions of dollars from your state. How do you like that?

It must really burn the left’s hide to know that their biggest bastion of liberal nonsense has people bankrolling the president. Once upon a time, California was a major GOP hub. But thanks to illegal immigration and dishonest practices like ballot harvesting, Republicans have lost the state.

Now, it’s crumbling into ruin.

But the fact that these once NeverTrump conservatives are opening their wallets to support the president shows a change is coming across America. People who once turned their backs on Trump are coming around. They are seeing how effective his policies are—and how his leadership will transform America for decades to come.

And, if you think that’s happening in California, it’s also happening across the country. I’m sure there are more than a few voters who realize that Trump is the only option for 2020. As Democrats bicker and lurch further to the left, Donald Trump is the only sane choice around. And far, far more effective than nuts like Warren and Sanders.

Maybe these California Republicans should donate more cash, just to put Trump’s victory beyond uncertainty.

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