Liberals Hysterical After Biden Lives Up To ’Sleepy Joe’ Nickname

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Joe Biden went back into the basement before 10 AM. No, I’m not kidding. He called a lid just before 9:30 AM. We’re 42 days away from Election Day. We have a super intense Supreme Court fight brewing. And Joe decided to retreat into his basement. Is he too tired? Did he need some Ensure? What is going on? This should be a moment he should seize. Granted, I’m glad he’s not—but for a candidate who really isn’t stoking enthusiasm from Democrats, this could be a way to gin up support. Both sides will be animated, but all he does is deliver a platitudinous speech in Philadelphia during an Eagles home game over the weekend. The point is no one watched it, Joe.

All the senile old man did was plead with Senate Republicans to follow his word. Seriously? He knows this is an election year, right? And, of course, we don’t have to listen to you, Joe. Senate Republicans know this as well. Are you hiding because you’re tired, afraid of COVID, or worried that the Biden Rule will be rehashed again?

Anyways, as we enter the final stages of this campaign, one has to wonder what is Joe doing calling it a day before breakfast time is over. Does he have the stamina? Is he just saving his strength for the debate to come with Trump? I don’t know. He’s AWOL in Michigan, though his people say their invisible campaign is better than Hillary Clinton’s shoddy 2016 operation.

Does Joe have the goods to win? By these actions, he’d rather take a nap.

Author: Matt Vespa

Source: Town Hall: Too Tired? Biden Called It a Day Before 10 AM Today…42 Days Before Election Day AND During a SCOTUS Fight

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