Liberal-Run Companies Exposed For Role In Mass Voter Fraud Scheme

A major factor in the overblown boycott against Georgia has to do with a new ID requirement. Georgia is one of many states that already required ID for in-person voting. But this new law requires a resident to provide ID when requesting an absentee ballot or dropping off one. It’s a simple measure, but one that has sparked outrage from groups who apparently wanted voter fraud.

Hollywood liberals promised never to work in Georgia again. I’m sure Georgia residents are thankful for that. But the dustup got intense when Delta, whose main hub is in Atlanta, turned on the state over this new requirement. Other companies joined in to attack, criticize, or boycott the state.

Wow, they must really have voter ID laws, huh? I mean, these companies must think identification of any kind is racist or something. That requiring ID to do something must be a violation of human rights.

But… wait a minute. All these liberal-run companies who are turning on a state over a simple ID rule, require ID themselves. All the time.

How is that possible?

Leaders of major corporations have come out swinging against a Georgia election reform law with an ID requirement for absentee ballots — even though those same companies require valid photo ID to access the services their companies provide…

If you want to hop a Delta flight to Atlanta — or anywhere else — you will need to show unexpired, government-issued ID to board any of the carrier’s flights…

Coca-Cola required a valid photo ID for admission to its annual shareholders meeting last year. “We will verify your registration and request to see your admission ticket and a valid form of photo identification, such as a driver’s license or passport,” said the company in reference to its early 2020 annual meeting of the shareholders…

If you want to take in a Major League Baseball game now that many ballparks are once again readmitting fans on a limited basis, you will need a picture ID to pick up tickets from an MLB will call office. [Source: Just the News]

As usual, liberals are demanding things of others that they don’t do themselves. These companies are so “shocked” that Georgia would require valid ID for someone to pick up something as important as a ballot. But these same companies require ID in a variety of situations.

We often point out that ID is required in order to buy, participate in, or acquire many things in America. It is not “racist” to require ID to buy alcohol, right? Or to rent an apartment, apply for a job, or open a bank account, right? These companies aren’t being discriminatory for requiring ID to board a plane or attend an important meeting, right?

So, why is it only “racist” and a “suppression” of rights, when a state simply wants to make sure the right ballot goes to the right person?

Because it’s not racist. Democrats are only opposing this new law, because they know it will make it harder for cheaters to commit voter fraud.

Biden got elected in part because countless people cheated in Georgia’s election. They wanted it to stay that way.

Let’s not pretend there is any other reason.

Author: Sam Stoole

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