Liberal Media Twists The Truth Like Never Before – You Won’t Believe This

Never let it be said that liberal reporters can’t twist the truth until it breaks. For a moment, it appeared like the media was actually going to hold Biden accountable. They were getting increasingly frustrated that the man was turning his backs on them (literally), refusing to answer even basic questions. Mainstream media polls revealed Biden’s approval is tanking. They aren’t even trying to massage those numbers to make him look good.

Yet, there still remains a liberal cancer in our media that refuses to see the light. This year has been dismal for our economy. Millions of Americans are out of work. Gas prices are skyrocketing. The border is open, letting in migrants and criminal aliens. And crime continues to surge in blue cities. Worst of all, Americans can’t even afford basic necessities.

But that’s okay, apparently. Because the geniuses at MSNBC claim inflation is a good thing.

Far-left MSNBC is hoping to gaslight the public into believing Joe Biden’s record inflation is a “good thing.”

The cruel liars at MSNBC have since deleted a tweet that said, “Why the inflation we’re seeing now is a good thing.”…

The tweet was in support of an MSNBC columnist who declares the coronavirus “the unlikely hero of our inflations crisis,” but then goes on to wrist-flick the inflation crisis…

“What all this means is that American consumers are, relatively speaking, flush, and it’s that strong demand for goods and services that is sending prices higher. But it’s taking manufacturers and food producers time to increase supply after cutting back production during the pandemic.” [Source: Breitbart]

MSNBC is trying to convince Americans who can’t put gas in their cars, can’t put food on the table, and won’t be able to celebrate Christmas that inflation is happening because they have so much money. Yes, that is what they are saying. They claim a “strong” demand for goods because of Americans “flush” with cash is sending prices higher.

They ignore the fact that at the beginning of the year, Biden injected the economy with a trillion new dollars. He literally printed new money, that drastically harmed the value of the dollar. As the value of the dollar dropped, everything got more expensive. At the same time, his terrible leadership resulted in a spike in fuel prices and a supply chain crisis Trump would have solved in a day.

The inflation is the result of Biden’s reckless and unthought-out agenda. He is not thinking ahead, only lurching from one bad idea after another. Worse still is that his administration is full of cronies and Yes-men who are woefully unequipped for their jobs.

Meanwhile, the Democrat-run Congress ignores the many fires Biden has started to push a toxic spending bill that will cause inflation to jump many times over. Do these people even know how to lead? They’re as bad at their job as the people at MSNBC.

Author: Paul Baxter