Liberal Media Surrenders – Admits Democrat Defeat Is Inevitable

Democrats fought and schemed to end up in the position they are in now. This year, they had control of the House, the Senate, and the presidency. They promised they could run this country better than Republicans and lead us out of the pandemic-induced misery. But what has been the end result of the Democrats’ leadership? Let’s take a look.

Under Biden and the Democrats, the country has been overrun by illegal aliens. They have refused to enforce our immigration laws, instead moving illegals to communities all over the country. Democrats triggered out of control inflation thanks to their spending bills. They have harmed our energy industry, leading to a spike in fuel costs.

They refuse to check Biden as he destroyed Afghanistan and issued unconstitutional vaccine mandates. Democrats sit back and do nothing as crime ravages cities across America. Worst of all, they attack hard-working Americans who simply want quality education for their children, not left-wing propaganda.

The writing’s on the wall for the Democrats’ future. And now, even liberal-run CNN is admitting it.

Far left CNN detailed the signs of looming defeat for Democrats in the 2022 midterms in an analysis piece on Sunday, saying pretty much “every single indicator” is pointing to a landslide victory for House Republicans…

Enten specifically pointed to three crucial signs a red wave could be barreling its way toward the D.C. swamp: President Joe Biden’s dismal approval ratings, special elections, and House retirements. [Source: Breitbart]

Harry Enten, writing for CNN, was forced to admit that all the signs are pointing to a landslide victory for Republicans in the coming elections. A variety of factors point to this possibility, but none of it should be a surprise to anyone paying attention.

Joe Biden’s failures as a “president” have been dragging down his party all year long. Nobody on the left seems willing to check his madness, neither at the state or federal level. Voters aren’t just blaming Biden for the mess our country is in. They are blaming weak Democrats, who’d rather push radical spending bills than deal with old Joe.

Biden’s approval has steadily declined since the Summer. It stands now around 36%, with no signs of improving. In addition to this, Enten admits that recent special elections point to growing Republican momentum. Republicans are winning in races nobody thought they would, including Hispanic-majority districts in South Texas and historically blue Virginia.

Then there is the fact that, in the House at least, numerous Democrats are abandoning ship. With Republicans reshaping congressional maps, many incumbent liberals realize they will have a harder time getting reelected. Democrats only have a 5-seat majority in the House, with at least 19 Democrats leaving. It won’t take much for Republicans to regain control, come 2022.

What’s really shocking, though, is how Democrats refuse to see why they are facing such major losses. They claim that they are just having a hard time reaching Americans with their “message,” despite the fact they control 96% of the MSM, social media, Hollywood, and entertainment. It’s not the messaging guys, it’s the fact that you are a corrupt cult of villains who want to sell America out to the highest bidder.

But they won’t learn their lesson.

Author: Sam Jones