Liberal Media Desperate To Hide True RNC Ratings – Here’s Why

After the Republican National Convention ended, the media was quick to rush out the viewing numbers. They were desperate to find something, anything, that would put Joe Biden’s dismal DNC ahead of the GOP’s optimistic RNC. After all, that would prove more Americans are interested in Joe—and will vote for him in November, right? Well, many MSM outlets put out stories where Biden’s convention got better ratings than Trump’s. But they were wrong, dead wrong. And now, they are getting humiliated.

It’s no longer a secret—hasn’t been for a long time—that most mainstream media outlets are little more than PR firms for the Democratic Party. We saw that in 2016, when they did everything in their power to get Hillary Clinton elected. And we saw that over the last four years, as they spun every story about Trump to make it appear as negative as possible.

So, it should come as no surprise that this year, the media is going all-in to get a man with dementia elected president. Democrats in the media are ignoring the many problems with Joe Biden’s campaign—and the fact that his platform is so far left, Marx would be embarrassed—to make the claim that he’s a shoo-in this November.

Even before all the numbers came in, media outlets proclaimed that the Democratic National Convention had more viewers than Trump’s RNC.

The problem? Not only were they wrong, but they appeared to be deliberately lying.

Over its four-day convention, Donald Trump and the Republican Party earned 147.9 million viewers and raised $76 million in cash, reports Fox News.

Over its four-day convention, Rapey Joe Biden and the pro-riot party that wants to confiscate your guns and force nuns to pay for abortions earned only 122 million viewers and raised just $70 million…

Over those four nights, more than 25 million more people tuned into the Trump’s convention than Biden’s, and will you just look at those media headlines that claim the exact opposite.

A few of those stories are caveated with, Well, admittedly, harrumph-harrumph, we don’t know the streaming numbers, harrumph-harrumph, yet, but… Which only makes it worse because it proves they know their own headline is a lie. [Source: Breitbart]

Donald Trump and the GOP earned 25 million more views than Joe Biden and the DNC. Not only that, but they raised millions more dollars.

But if you were to believe CNN, NPR, HuffPo, and other outlets, you’d think that the DNC won the month.

Democrats in the media had no problem deliberately ignoring the streaming numbers—which hadn’t been released at the time of their articles. They knew most Americans (or a considerable number) would be watching the conventions online. Hell, services like Hulu and Roku advertised the events on their front page. YouTube featured them every day. There was no way you could avoid them!

Despite that fact, the media rushed out articles that claimed Joe Biden “beat” Donald Trump in the ratings game.

I’m sure those Americans that did bother to watch the DNC probably weren’t impressed. Democrats shared zero policy and spent most of the time attacking Trump and the very voters they are trying to win over! Joe Biden gave a short speech, where (despite what they say) he still made plenty of gaffes.

The media, in a pathetic bid to prop up a failing Democrat (once again) told blatant lies about the convention ratings. One even said, “Trump’s Republican National Convention was a ratings flop.” Really? He got 25 million more views than Biden. If that’s a flop, what was Biden’s, an utter disaster?

This is why most Americans have grown to despise the media. Not just because they stopped reporting the news, but that they are unapologetic in how they spread lies, slander, and fake news. They are like grown-up versions of the bullies who stole your lunch money, then pretended they were your friend.

Except, it’s no longer grade school and we don’t have to obey them.

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