Liberal Media Can’t Survive Without Trump — And They Know It

Donald Trump has been out of office for nearly 130 days, yet mainstream media outlets cannot stop gossiping about the Former President.

Even with some legislative gains, Joe Biden takes a backseat in the media. A shocking statistic shows the 45th President is mentioned in 40% of the stories written about the Biden administration. To add salt to Biden’s wound, the media is even shifting its positive reporting on the cognitively-challenged president, taking sides with Trump on key issues such as the origins of COVID-19.

Trump has totally dominated Biden’s news cycles – and Pew research proves it. The first 60 days of Biden’s presidency was laden with coverage of his predecessor from left-leaning, right-leaning, and mixed media outlets. It’s a simple fact: the People want Donald Trump.

The newly inaugurated ‘Biden-Harris’ administration faltered from the jump, with Trump factoring in to over 70% of the stories in their first week at the helm. In the first six weeks the Former President was featured in nearly half of the news stories featuring Biden or Harris.

However, Pew research did highlight one anomaly to paint a clearer picture of the media’s obsession with Trump:

While they included him in a majority of their reporting, they intentionally omitted 45th President from many stories about COVID-19 and vaccine-related news.

Can you imagine why?

The media mentioned President Trump in the majority (56%) of all stories that had nothing to do with the coronavirus global pandemic, and in even more (61%) of the stories that mentioned COVID-19 “in a minor way,” according to Pew.

But stories mentioning the pandemic in a “major way” only feature Trump 34% of the time.

The “Fake News” outlets have failed to mention the pivotal role Trump’s Operation Warp Speed played in authorizing the rapid vaccine rollout. They’ve largely attributed the vaccine’s success to the Biden administration despite the former administration’s efforts to secure funding, research and a logistical foundation for a massive rollout.

Biden immediately took credit for the ‘100 million vaccinated Americans’ milestone even though the Trump administration was on target to hit it anyway.

Meanwhile the media still categorically denies Trump’s historic role in successfully pushing America toward mass vaccination and eventual heard immunity.

Here are some of the more insidious and ridiculous stories coming from the establishment media:

  • The New York Times wrote: “Trump Takes Credit for Miracle Vaccines. Some of His Supporters Don’t Want to Take Them”
  • The Hill reported: “Trump Assumes All Credit For Vaccine Rollout: ‘One of the greatest miracles of the ages”
  • Business Insider had this to say: “Trump Seems Desperate For Vaccine Credit. But His Political Heartlands Are Hesitant To Take Them”

Late night talk show host and “comedian” Stephen Colbert even called Donald Trump “pathetic” after he truthfully stated the miracle of Operation Warp Speed.

All the while the liberal media goons have given Joe Biden a win on Trump’s vaccine, even allowing him to falsely claim “we didn’t have a vaccine” when he became president.

The research also revealed that Joe Biden has received less negative coverage than any President of the United States in the last 30 years.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth