Liberal Media Admits Trump Winning Over Dems’ Top Supporters

The mainstream media has been out to destroy Donald Trump since day one. They have spread countless negative stories, most of them fake news. But even they, once and a while, have to admit the stellar success Trump is having as president. This past Sunday, a CBS News reporter had to admit Trump’s remarkable success for this one group.

We’re so used to hearing negative, dishonest news from the liberal media, that most of us have tuned them out. The mainstream media is so determined to spin any story to hurt President Trump and conservatives, it’s pretty rare that we ever hear anything remotely neutral from them.

It’s why respect for American journalism is at all-time lows. This industry is more concerned with promoting liberal ideas than reporting “just the facts.” Democrats all but own the media and spread their propaganda far and wide.

So it’s rare that we come across moments like this, moments when a liberal reporter actually reports the truth. It happened, for just a moment, during CBS’s “Face the Nation” this Sunday. Their White House correspondent had to admit Trump’s major successes, for a demographic Democrats abandoned long ago.

Sunday during CBS’s “Face the Nation,” network chief White House correspondent Major Garrett discussed what he thought to be an undercovered story in 2019: How good President Donald Trump has been for black Americans.

According to Garrett, despite his “indefensible” rhetoric, Trump has “quietly” been “pushing” Republicans to do more for the black community…

“Because of President Trump’s quiet prodding, has done quite a bit for funding of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, the First Step Act, which was massive first step toward criminal justice reform.”

He continued, “Just a couple weeks ago in this newly signed defense bill, there is a law that says if you are seeking work for the federal government or any contractor, you don’t have to be asked, and you cannot be asked about your criminal history until right toward the end. That’s a significant change, long sought by criminal justice advocates. Plus opportunity zones in the tax bill directed at communities of color. That is a legacy on the agenda side that almost any president after three years would want to claim, particularly President Obama.” [Source: Breitbart]

Now, there’s a backhanded compliment if I’ve ever heard one. I guess Garrett was afraid to outright compliment Trump, out of fear he’d lose his “liberal card.”

Perhaps he thinks it’s possible for Trump to say terrible things about black people (his “indefensible” rhetoric) while still “prod” Republicans to achieve massive victories for the black community.

Or maybe, Trump is 100% a supporter of black people–and the liberal media has simply distorted his statements?

Thanks to Trump, black Americans are succeeding like never before. Even Garrett had to admit that what Trump has done for them dwarfs Barack Obama. Obama did very little for black Americans. He never pushed prison reform. He didn’t help black Americans earn more and keep their jobs.

In fact, Obama’s agenda took jobs away from black people, made them more dependent on the government, and drove a bigger wedge between them and white people.

President Trump is working tirelessly so that all Americans can thrive. He’s especially taken interest in hard-hit communities, places largely populated by black Americans (and neglected by Democrats for years).

Perhaps that’s why black support for Trump is surging? Recent polls have black voter support for the president at 35%. That’s a record high few Republicans have ever enjoyed. And high enough to ensure no Democrat candidate will come close to beating Trump.

Even Major Garrett had to acknowledge that. After years of slander and ominous predictions of what Trump would do to blacks, he is seeing just the opposite. President Trump is winning for the black community.

Many black Americans are seeing this. Do you think that will result in an unprecedented movement of support for him, coming 2020?

You better believe it.

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