Liberal City Turns On Their Leader In Humiliating New Way

Portland might be facing the worst outbreak of riots of any major U.S. city. For over 100 nights, anarchists and radical leftists have been rioting, looting, and burning throughout the city. The mayor, Ted Wheeler, has only encouraged the chaos and even rejected federal aid. But a new poll reveals just how voters feel about their mayor. It ain’t great.

We can only wonder how any mayor, Democrat or otherwise, would be so foolish as to encourage dangerous riots across their city. Above any other responsibility, a mayor is to keep their city safe. That’s actually easier to do than improving the economy or other goals that require legislation or reform. All it takes is for a mayor to let the police actually do their job.

What does that say about Democrats who have seen uncontrolled riots since May?

Portland’s Ted Wheeler might be the worst. Rioters have been turning the city into a wasteland for over 100 nights straight. They nearly destroyed a courthouse, forcing the president to send federal forces. Then they moved on to various neighborhoods. Wheeler rejected the president’s offer of help—insulting him in an open letter.

Now, it looks like Wheeler is about to face the music.

More than 100 nights of riots and other political unrest in Portland, Ore., appear to be having an effect on voters’ confidence in the mayor’s job performance, according to a new poll.

Mayor Ted Wheeler is viewed negatively by 63% — or nearly two-thirds – of the city’s voters, according to a poll paid for by Yes for Real Community Oversight of Police, a political action committee, reported.

Only 26% of voters viewed the mayor favorably, the poll results said. [Source: Fox News]

Well, look at that! President Trump has seen his approval rise in recent days, reaching as high as 52% across the entire country. He enjoys over 90% among Republicans and high numbers among black and Hispanic voters. We can assume Portland is a predominately blue city. So nearly two-thirds of a city of mostly Democrats hate Ted Wheeler!

Maybe you shouldn’t have written that letter, Ted. Or maybe, just maybe, you should have stopped these riots on day one!?

You might not be surprised at this report. After all, why would any city give a mayor this bad high marks? But remember, Portland is a mostly Democrat city. And yet even its residents are outraged and disgusted by Wheeler’s pathetic leadership.

I wonder how they are going to vote this November?

This is a trend we are seeing pop up all over blue states. The media claims Joe Biden’s got the election in the bag. But wherever we turn, we see Democrats embracing radical anarchists that burn down blue cities. Even Joe Biden offers little solutions to the endless violence and destruction. Local Democrats encourage it by refusing to arrest rioters and even defunding the police.

The message is clear: if you want to save your cities, you have to get rid of the Democrats. Every city or town that is peaceful and prosperous right now, is not being run by left-wing socialists. Democratic voters need to realize that their only chance to return to normalcy (both by ending lockdowns and riots) is to elect conservatives that will uphold the law.

President Trump has vowed to end the chaos since it started. He’s called on local leaders to step in and protect American lives. Democrats ignored him, even claimed he was the cause of all the violence.

But their residents had to watch as BLM and Antifa—two groups praised by Democrats—burned down their livelihoods.

Wheeler is only facing the consequences of his own idiotic actions. But it remains to be seen if the people of Portland actually vote to take their city and state back.

Hopefully, they will be smart enough to do so.

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