Liberal City Gets What They Deserve For Defunding The Police

Those of us who live in sane parts of America might be shocked to hear that there are still places that want to defund the police. Despite all the evidence that shows such a move is suicide, Democrats continue to push this idiotic move. It doesn’t take long for residents to realize that, more often than not, they need more cops, not fewer.

There have been plenty of polls that show most Americans (including an overwhelming number of black Americans) don’t want their police departments defunded. Yet time and again, in nearly every corner of the country, liberal city councils push this policy.

In the city of Asheville, NC–an up-and-coming, “trendy” city–their city council slashed a police force consisting of only 219 staffers. The shocking lack of support has resulted in a big problem. Now, cops have listed the things they refuse to do.

The Asheville Police Department (APD) on Wednesday announced a list of crimes and services they are no longer equipped to address, such as some forms of theft and assault…

In a Wednesday press release, the APD explained they have lost 84 officers since January 1, 2020, which is a devastating number for a force that employs just 219 people. Response times even to crimes such as homicides have increased three minutes during peak hours, APD Chief David Zack recently said…

“Our detective unit right now is completely gassed out with the volume of serious investigations that they have to address. And we will have to triage those. Those officers are having to work extremely long hours,” Zack also said. [Source: Daily Wire]

Among the crimes the Asheville police will no longer bother with include theft under $1,000, theft from a vehicle when there is no suspect info, graffiti, non-life-threatening harassment, fraud or identity theft, funeral escorts, lost property, and trespassing.

You can imagine the chaos that will soon ensue in this city. When criminals know there are things they can just simply get away with, there will be no stopping them. Many of the crimes these cops will not respond to involve a lack of suspect information. That seems to suggest that they won’t bother investigating a crime, so long as the criminal is good at hiding their face or avoid being seen.

Gee, how will a criminal be able to do that?

While some residents are upset about the changes, it seems the majority of Asheville residents are too stupid to realize the danger they are in. During the riots from last summer, activists who live in the city wanted the APD budget to be cut in half. The city, instead, voted to cut it by 3%. Just a three percent cut has resulted in this crisis.

Yet the morons who live in Asheville wanted more.

We would conclude that, after this news, the city would be clamoring to restore the cops’ budget. But we’re not too sure. The rising theft, assault, and damage this will produce might not be enough for these numbskulls to see the light.

All the good, hard-working folks will leave Asheville, including business owners who don’t want to lose everything. What will be left are losers who don’t care if the city is a smoking crater.

The only silver lining is if the rest of North Carolina learns from this–and keeps leftists out of their government.

Author: Sam Anderson